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More Forex Traders Are Directing Their Attention To Crypto Transactions

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Jun 18, 2019
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Forex is one of the largest and most liquid markets at the moment, drawing new investors on a daily basis thanks to the profit potential involved. If you have entered the Forex market a while back, and have already made a few successful trades, you know by now why it continues to drive interest.

When traditional Forex trades are no longer satisfying tour needs entirely, and you would enjoy a new and diversified approach, perhaps you should consider crypto trades. Cryptocurrencies have made their way into the Forex market, and it seems like there are here to stay. More investors with a rich background in Forex are starting to acknowledge the promising benefits of making crypto trades, and perhaps it’s time for you to discover the advantages involved as well.

Forex market hours  play an important role when looking into the crypto market as well, especially with stable coins such as USDT.

What does trading Forex with crypto offers over traditional currencies? Which are the aspects that have ensured the popularity of this trade type in recent years? The following details can provide you with the needed answers and clarify the topic for you:


Trading crypto coins against established currencies, most of all, means reduced volatility. Both the buy and the sell side are smoothed, and while return probability is difficult to conclude, the profitability potential can be much higher than the one of traditional Forex trades. It’s important to research where Bitcoin and altcoins currently stand against the US dollar before deciding to make a trade, and if increases are expected, an investment could bring you impressive gains.

Valuations versatility

One of the concerns you might currently face during your regular Forex trades is a random change in valuation made by the central bank. Well, this won’t be the case with any of your Forex-crypto trades. Bitcoin and altcoins usually benefit from decentralized characteristics. What does that mean? Rates will not be impacted by geopolitical influences. Macroeconomic specifics will also not have a role in the value increase or decrease of crypto coins. The inflation issues occurring in your country, for example, will not affect in any way cryptocurrencies, and this can be a major advantage in various scenarios.

No transaction fees

Forex trades, while not involving any commission, do usually come with a certain transaction fee, also known as spread. For crypto transactions, and in particular, for transactions involving Bitcoin, you won’t deal with any costs, even when the transfers made are global. What cryptocurrency trading brokers do here is pass the benefits to the investors they collaborate with , all without imposing a withdrawal or deposit fee. Banks or clearing agents are never involved in the public networks where crypto transactions are recorded. This means more profit will go directly in your pocket and not to third parties.

Reasonable deposit amount

If you want to experience this type of trading opportunity, but are afraid of investing too much money, you should know that with crypto, deposit amounts can be as low as you desire. Some crypto-forex trading firms accept even as little as 50 dollars for an initial deposit. You can learn the ins and out of crypto trades without putting at risk too much of your money.


Trading Forex with crypto can also involve a high leverage aspect. Some brokers might give you the possibility of accessing even up to 1:1000 leverage for virtual coin trades, something you can’t say about established currency trades.


Ensure financial security and keep yourself protected by trading crypto. You won’t have to give card details to make a deposit or and a withdrawal, and you will also not be obligated to reveal your real bank account. This is an appealing aspect for many investors.

Overcoming geographical limitations

Depending on where you live and where you are making your trades from, you might come across global limitations. If you currently live in the US, for example, you might not be able to make a trade through a UK broker, and that might inconvenience your journey in this field of investments. Well, with crypto, these boundaries no longer exist. In some cases, you still have to look into regulatory concerns, but if you and your chosen broker are willing to transact, geographical limitations will not put a stop to your collaboration. This can be quite advantages for those with specific adding demands.

How to get started

The benefits are various and clear to understand, once you research the topic more in-depth. However, because this is your first time trading Forex with crypto, you should know how to handle the entire transaction. Well, the process is quite simple, not too different from your usual Forex trades, you will however need to:

  • Find a broker that actually accepts crypto trades. Not all Forex brokers work with cryptocurrencies, so you should find one that gives you this possibility. Find a few options, make a comparison between them, and choose the platform the covers your needs and expectations. When you are choosing a broker, you should first be certain of their reliability – you shouldn’t lose an investment just because you have rushed into making a trade through the wrong platform.
  • Research the cryptocurrencies with most potential – you probably already know about Bitcoin, considering how much this virtual coin has been discussed over the last few years. However, don’t limit your crypto trades to Bitcoin Nowadays, new virtual currencies are being introduced into the market, and some come with high potential. Do your homework, and discover which options are likely to increase in value in the near future.

You should be addressing multiple factors, if you are interested in expanding your Forex portfolio, and cryptocurrencies are drawing your interest at the moment. There are clear advantages to Forex-crypto transactions, and being aware of them will allow you to make the right decisions here. Now that you know a bit more on the topic, understand why so many Forex traders are choosing crypto and how to handle a potential transaction of this kind, you can reach your desired conclusion. Is Forex-crypto trading the right answer for you? If yes, find yourself a broker and get started.

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