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Metaverse Gaming Platform Space Falcon Announces Strategic Partnership with Peech Capital

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Jan 13, 2022
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Space Falcon, an Intergalactic metaverse featuring the classic space shooter game with built-in premium sci-fi NFTs, announced a strategic partnership with Peech Capital, a multi-strategy crypto investment and advisory firm. From the beginning, Peech will assist Space Falcon in its marketing efforts and nurture the ecosystem. Peech Capital assists digital asset companies in achieving their objectives by participating in all stages of the process, from marketing through development. Space Falcon is really excited about this collaboration, as Space Falcon continues to be extremely motivated in its objective to use blockchain technology to disrupt the traditional gaming industry.

Built on the Solana Ecosystem for quick and low-cost transactions, ensuring a lightning-fast experience for players’ space explorations. Space Falcon has also struck strategic cooperation with ZBS Capital, a venture capital firm dedicated to collaborating to create a decentralized world. The narrative of ZBS Capital begins in 2017 with an ICO boom and continues to this day.

The word “GameFi” refers to the fusion of blockchain-based gaming with decentralized finance. Despite the fact that blockchain games have been around for a long time, GameFi is a relatively young field that has yet to reach its peak. GameFi connects all of the many factors in the Web 3.0 ecosystem — gamers, investors, and traders — by providing a location where they may all participate. NFTs have been introduced into blockchain games, resulting in a full-fledged economy where players can own and sell game assets. NFTs could, for example, be a player’s in-game avatar, outfits, or other game accessories. Most games offer a digital marketplace where players may buy and sell these one-of-a-kind objects, allowing them to earn money. The play-to-earn (P2E) system is the name given to this model.

Space Falcon Can Take Over the GameFi Industry

The Space Falcon metaverse is made up of two games that span a hundred years and two different perspectives:

  • Classic 1980s-style retro space exploration
  • Futuristic 2080-themed intergalactic travel

The game’s grand strategy involves “Falconians” trekking across the cosmos and constructing an empire by completing in-game levels and collecting NFTs along their cosmic journey. In the web-based P2E minigame, users will play a set of ten interesting missions split over two completely different time periods, consuming NFT assets like liquid gold to travel between the two generations. The Falcon Leaderboard, a straightforward presentation of information for rookie players to enhance their game and win more money, will let users tally their scores based on general activity and reward them weekly.

Space Falcon allows blockchain players to travel through two universes in their quest to complete tasks and construct an empire that spans the galaxy while earning star NFTs. The project has also chosen Solana instead of Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain for very specific reasons. Solana blockchain offers high-speed, censorship-resistant, low-cost, and open infrastructure transactions. It is undoubtedly the most promising network in the DeFi business. Thus, It’s no surprise that the Space Falcon game was developed on the Solana ecosystem, which includes over 250 services and over 500 dApps.

Blockchain technology enables the creation of digital content such as virtual reality games, cryptocurrency, tokens, art, and almost anything else. These creations can be further developed and sold to earn cryptocurrency in the future. On the metaverse, you can generate money by selling avatars, lands, groceries, and services in the digital realm. The majority of gamers are already profiting from this by playing ‘play to earn’ games on the blockchain. Consider games like Roblox, where players can already create virtual worlds for themselves, while most of our traditional games, such as ludo, table tennis, and pool, are now available on mobile phones.

Space Falcon Brings True Decentralization to Gaming

Decentralized gaming is a big deal for Space Falcon. Planets, rocket ships, weaponry, and a slew of other stuff make up the gaming universe. Each of these can be a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Players and even creators can sell their NFTs for a good price on Space Falcon’s own marketplace. Apart from the fact that users can own nearly anything in the game’s SciFi universe, another astonishing truth is that the variety of methods users can earn NFTs is limitless.

Despite the fact that it is a P2E game, the Space Falcon team went to great lengths to ensure that players have a comprehensive gameplay experience. The visuals are stunning, and the gameplay will leave you speechless. FCON is the utility token for Space Falcon. SciFi tokens can be borrowed or staked for rewards in the game. They can also be traded both inside and outside of the game’s ecosystem.

There are a number of methods to profit from the Space Falcon. To begin, players can earn points by playing the game (Falcon Missions) and getting rewarded according to the scoreboard. On the other hand, NFTs, which are a collection of Spaceships, Weapons, Planets, Moons, and other items that are part of Space Falcon and progressively gain value, is a fascinating way to generate a profit.

Space Falcon is a promising startup that is still in its early stages but is on track to disrupt GameFi and become one of the most prominent participants in the blockchain gaming space in the near future. With the addition of planets, spaceships, and galaxies, Space Falcon takes virtual assets to the next level. When it comes to in-game items, NFTs mean that users own and control anything they buy, earn, or manufacture. This is more than just proving the item’s rarity; it also allows for indefinite scaling. Players will be able to purchase galaxies, planets, spaceships, and other extraterrestrial goods, which will be necessary later in the game. To increase the utility of intergalactic assets, they will be tradeable in the in-game marketplace.

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