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Matic Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Apr 1, 2022
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The Web3 scene is expected to heat up this year, bringing important cryptocurrencies to watch – including Matic price prediction for 2022. In addition, Polygon (MATIC) is building a web3 development platform that will provide developers with a more well-rounded set of tools for serving their end-user customers.

Such an ambitious plan is bound to arouse the antennas of crypto investors, adding Matic price prediction 2030 to their watch lists or taking up positions altogether. So, here is our Matic coin price prediction for 2022 and beyond.

Matic Price Prediction | Introduction

When making this Matic price prediction, the MATIC coin was trading at $1.71, according to data available on CoinMarketCap. The market cap of the Polygon ecosystem at the current MATIC coin price was $13.1 billion, fully diluted to just over $17 billion.

Polygon (the ethereum-based network making it possible for developers to create scalably, ETH compatible, and secure web3 applications) uses MATIC coin to power its financial ecosystem. As such, any development on its part is bound to have lasting effects on Matic price prediction 2030.

So far, Polygon is home to more than ten thousand dApps. Developers love it because Polygon offers some of the lowest fees in the business and high scalability and security standards. As a result, Polygon and Matic price prediction 2022 are taking center stage in Web3 development.  

Matic Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

MATIC coin has had an impressive run from the technical bench in the first quarter of 2022. The recent price action is offering valuable insights that will educate the investor’s trade decision-making with the hope of turning a profit. Here is a summary of this price action:

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
February 2022$ 1.6439$ 1.6112$ 2.0757
January 2022$ 2.5278$ 1.6439$ 2.6015
December 2021$ 1.7832$ 2.5271$ 2.9232
November 2021$ 1.9406$ 1.7854$ 2.1489
October 2021$ 1.1271$ 1.9350$ 2.2164
September 2021$ 1.3378$ 1.1271$ 1.7981
August 2021$ 1.0830$ 1.3381$ 1.7004

Assessing the potential for MATIC coin to retest $2 after the recent slowdown all comes down to its reaction upon testing the resistance barrier at $1.89. Even though MATIC looks ready for another leg-up as it approaches this barrier for support, it is essential to note the stronghold at this particular barrier.

MATIC coin price set up a bullish continuation in March. The recent bullish breakout saw MATIC provide gains for its holder until it began retracing at $1.76, on the road to $1.89. However, this altcoin seems to be making a comeback based on the bullish momentum experienced on the last two candlesticks.

This price action appears to be forming a bullish pennant continuation pattern that will point us to the most likely Matic price prediction. The set-up contains a massive uptrend followed by a consolidation in its early phase.

Matic Price Prediction

Matic coin presents a technical formation that could catapult the coin to stage a 19% ascend to $2, determined by adding the distance of the bullish set-up of the last two candlesticks to the breakout length. MATIC could be heading for a bullish move, having touched the upper trend line.

However, a breakout for higher levels at this stage is still unlikely. Instead, having retested the first hurdle at $1.76, a recovery from the pullback will likely trigger another ascend, propelling the coin by 10% before arriving at the next load at $1.99.

Matic Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

Clearing these resistance levels will open the path for MATIC coin price prediction to revisit the $2 psychological level after two months. While things are looking up for MATIC coin, a daily candlestick close set-up below $1.44 will create a lower low.

Such price action will invalidate the bullish Matic price prediction. In this case, investors can expect MATIC to slide lower and retest the monthly demand zone extending from $1.12 to $1.27. This move could allow investors and sidelined traders to accumulate at a discount.

Matic Price Prediction

Matic Price Prediction: Market Opinions

With that technical conclusion, a closer look at the sentiments of influencers and forecast systems will present a broader outlook on the MATIC coin by incorporating the opinions of others. Here are some notable MATIC coin price prediction examples:

Matic Price Forecast for March-April

March – April:


TradingBeasts MATIC coin price prediction suggests the potential for a retracement to $1.58 as the Matic price forecast for March – April struggles to remain bullish. Investors can view this as an opportunity to capitalize on the liquidity run before MATIC forms a new leg-up.

Long Forecast

Long Forecast eyes an opportunity window as MATIC coin bulls takes control of the price action and kick-start a rally that will be seen as a continuation of the optimism. The Matic price forecast for March – April currently shows massive potential to challenge the resistance around $2 but fall to $1.70.  

Matic Price Forecast for the Rest of the Year

Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor Matic’s price forecast for the rest of the year reveals that bulls might stop to catch their breath before revisiting a crucial level. Tagging the current barrier for support, this Matic price prediction eyes an advance of $3.08, followed closely by the possibility of long-term gains in a five-year time frame.


DigitalCoin predicts MATIC coin to revisit $2.08 after the bull’s strong comeback. The Matic price forecast for the rest of the year shows the coin is range-bound as it could breach the overhead resistance barrier and remain in consolidation with the upside capped at around $2.34.

Matic Price Forecast for the Next Year

PricePrediction Matic price prediction 2030 is bullish, predicting a rally if the MATIC coin can shatter the current resistance blockade. Although this Matic price forecast for the next year is capped at $2.27, it does not entirely discount the possibility for further gains within the year.


Gov.Capital hints MATIC coin price will collect liquidity for an explosive rally within the following year. With a Matic price forecast for the next year of $7.38, investors can expect MATIC to rebound for quick liquidity run below vital support before making a full-blown rally for a new all-time high.

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

King_Hustle_Grind Matic coin price prediction identifies signs of a weakening resistance barrier compared to the renewed spirit among bullish actors. This forecast predicts the boundary could fall in the coming months, paving the way for more gains within the year.

JhonMontana shares the same bullish sentiments but predicts the Matic coin could enter a range trading phase with the upside capped at around $2.5. As a result, investors can expect a relaxed few weeks if they can secure a position at this early stage.

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Matic

Polygon announced the completion of a funding round that saw investors pour in close to $450 million through a private sale of its native MATIC token. Led by Sequoia Capital India and SoftBank Vision Fund 2, and other notable firms, the funding is expected to help Polygon pave the way for Web3 adoption.  

Through its digital transformation arm, Polygon has secured the interest of Telefónica, one of the largest Spanish telecom companies. Telefónica Tech will leverage Polygon network’s Web3 solutions and the Matic cryptocurrency to bring Web3 to its enterprise clients.

Here are some of the best exchanges where you can buy MATIC:

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Matic Price Prediction: Verdict

Active or tactical investors might want to lean into Matic price prediction, as a preview of the recent price action shows the coin poised for massive growth. In addition, the demand for Web3 infrastructure and adoption of cryptocurrencies in conventional business should serve Matic coin price prediction well.

Note: This post was originally published on 9 July 2021 and has been totally updated for the completeness and veracity of the content on 1 April 2022.

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