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LYO Airdrop on LYOTRADE – Free Token to Start Trading

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Mar 23, 2022
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  • LYO Credit Airdrop starts March 14, 2022, and will last for one month. Prizes range from $5 up to $1000 in LYO.
  • Receive LYO Credit (LYO) for free, the utility token of the LYO ecosystem of crypto services.
  • LYO was first sold during its ICO in July 2021, from $0.60 to the current price of $1.14
  • How to get free tokens? Create an account on and successfully complete KYC identity verification.
  • Participants will be rewarded with an additional $2 LYO Tokens for each successful referral.

LYOTRADE exchange has excitedly announced its never-seen-before LYO Credit Token Airdrop promotion to celebrate its launch of the exchange. The LYO Credit Airdrop is the most anticipated event coming soon on LYOTRADE, scheduled to start on March 14, 2022, and will last for one month.

In this Airdrop promotion, LYOTRADE asserts that they are more than ready to set the crypto space ablaze; the company has pledged to give away a whopping amount of $5 up to $1000 worth of  LYO tokens to bounty participants. Anyone who participates in the LYO Airdrop bounty campaign and completes the required task successfully will receive the LYO Credit (LYO) free of charge.

Users can use the free LYO to start trading to earn a profit on the LYOTRADE exchange. Moreover, for those who do not have the money to purchase LYO,  the month of March is the lucky season to get LYO tokens for free to commence trading on LYOTRADE.

Note: Each and every participant of the Airdrop promotion is obligated to have LYO Credit Wallet on the LYOTRADE exchange where the rewards will be distributed uniformly. Additionally, the company advised that this moment is the right time for everyone to create an LYO Credit wallet and receive the potential earning of the allocated $5 up to $1000 in LYO.

Step-by-Step Guide on How You Can Get Free LYO Tokens

  1. Create an account on
  2. Do the KYC verification.
  3. Connect your LYO Credit Wallet on LYOTRADE. 
  4. If you are eligible, then you will be able to claim your free LYO Credit Tokens.
  5. Get additional $2 worth of LYO Credit for free when you refer friends and family to the Airdrop.

What is more, individuals have the chance to receive an additional $2 LYO Tokens for each successful referral. This means that everyone who participates in the Airdrop can invite their friends, for their friends to also call their loved ones and earn more prizes. That said, the more you refer, the more a user gets the chance to redeem more rewards of the LYO Credit token.

What Is a LYO Credit Token?

LYO Credit is the true utility token designed to serve as a medium of exchange of the LYOPAY Ecosystem of crypto services. The token was initially sold out during its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) phase in July 2021, from $0.60 to the current price of $1.14. Similar to other cryptocurrencies in the market, traders use LYO Credit for innovative investment. Moreover, users use the token to book flight tickets, shop for goods and services, and more. The mastermind behind the LYO token is to make cryptocurrencies easy to use by everyone.

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