Lumi Wallet Recalls 2019: EOS, Dapps, Credit Card Payments and A Special Holiday Offer

Lumi Wallet Recalls 2019: EOS, Dapps, Credit Card Payments and A Special Holiday Offer

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Dec 27, 2019
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This was a hot year for crypto, with BTC surging up from the pit it was in at the beginning of the year to a stable $7-8k by the end, rapidly developing altcoins and the rapt attention of governments and users. It is early to speak about mass adoption, but the fact that crypto is in our lives to stay is undeniable. Lumi Wallet wasn’t an exception as 2019 was a challenging and productive year in terms of the wallet’s development. EOS, a Dapp browser, the option to buy crypto with a credit card — almost all goals on the 2019 roadmap were completed and much more is waiting ahead in 2020.

So, what exactly was done? And what can Lumi users expect in the near future?

Results of 2019

EOS integration

One of the major goals for 2019 was the integration of the EOS blockchain. The market of altcoins is very diverse, but EOS is quite an intriguing blockchain with potential for high-speed transactions and a lot of promising projects coming soon (like Voice). Lumi started the integration by listing the EOS coin, then it enabled EOS accounts in-wallet and is now continuing to add new EOS tokens.

At the same time, the team kept up its active role in the Lumi community, publishing a regular Lumi Wallet Digest and keeping its hand on the EOS pulse. Also, Lumi has conducted a couple of free EOS account giveaways to encourage new users to try out the promising blockchain. Overall more than 1000 free accounts were given and more giveaways can be expected in the future.

Dapp Browser

Another field of work was related to dapps: now the long-awaited dapp browser is fully supported on both iOS and Android versions of the app, all thanks to a partnership with DappRadar. Now Lumi users can browse dapps and execute crypto transactions while playing games without leaving the Lumi Wallet.

Buy crypto with a credit card

The most important new feature added to Lumi Wallet this year is the ability to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with credit and debit cards. Having achieved this goal, the wallet got one step closer to its original idea – an ecosystem for crypto users, in which all your everyday operations can be conducted with crypto.

Plans for 2020

Over the course of 2019 Lumi Wallet has grown to staggering numbers – almost 150,000 users. And now making transactions and managing crypto with the wallet has been localized for the growing German userbase, with Dutch and Spanish editions coming next.

To round up the basic functionality of the wallet, there’s not much left to do — the next step, coming in a few days, is the long-awaited option to withdraw cryptocurrencies to Visa cards. After that, the Lumi team plans to finalize the transition to an open-source model and continue to expand its pool of cryptocurrencies available in-wallet, and much, much more. All those announcements are coming soon!

Holiday bonus for Lumi users

In the year 2019 Lumi hosted 7 successful giveaways, partnered up with dozens of inspiring projects, added a bunch of new tokens and functions – and all of it couldn’t be possible without the users that choose Lumi as a secure and anonymous wallet for their crypto.

To acknowledge this and give a big thank you to every user out there, Lumi is happy to announce that lowered fees are still available during the holidays. If you want to get some crypto before the end of the decade – there is no better time to do so.

To get the latest news about the development process, don’t forget to follow Lumi’s blog and twitter – and never hesitate to share your feedback with the team on social media or via email at [email protected].

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