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LTC May Surge to $200 Before Halvening in August?

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Jun 14, 2019
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After the big bullish run in May, Bitcoin’s volatility has been on a decline in recent days and weeks, which is drastically different from some altcoins, for example, LTC and BCH. The Litecoin as well as crypto community are ecstatic about LTC’s block reward halving in August, signaling the increasing demand and potentially being a catalyst to drive prices higher. Thanks to the resulting scarcity and rising demand, LTC’s market cap is growing, setting in motion the next wave of higher highs. At the time of writing, Litcoin has been rallied above and stabilize at around $130. We can expect a steady rise towards $200 with some slight pullbaks along the way.

Is it possible to get bigger gains before LTC halvening?

Investors and speculators are seeking the best techniques and opportunities to maximize trading profitability in cryptocurrency investment. With the expectation of a favorable price repricing, if you haven’t hold LTC at hand, it’s good opportunity for you to purchase some and take profits in its convinced bullish run before August. As we mentioned, $200 might be the next high.

For Spot trading

If you buy in 100 LTC at the price of $130, when it did surge to $200, you will earn:

100 LTC * ($200-$130) = $7,000

For Futures trading

If you invest 100 LTC in futures trading with 100x leverage, you can buy 10000 LTC contracts, you can take profits:

10000 LTC * ($200-$130) = $700,000

Obviously, investing in the same amount of LTC, 100x leverage futures trading can bring you much more profits than spot trades. So where can we trade LTC futures trading with 100 times leverage? Here are 2 exchanges recommended.

BitMEX is a derivatives platform that offers leveraged contracts in cryptocurrency trading. Some traders say BitMEX is risky for its complex trading interface. And some also complain that the transaction fee is a little bit high. It offers several trading pairs including BTC/USDT, BCH/USDT, ADA/USDT, EOS/USDT, ETH/USDT, LTC/USDT and XRP/USDT. But you can only trade BTC futures contracts with 100x leverage. If you want to also trade 100x leverage LTC futures, you can turn to Bexplus.

Bexplus is also another Hong Kong-based bitcoin futures exchange that provides BTC, ETH and LTC futures trading with 100x leverage. Both beginners and professional investors are fond of it for its super easy trading interface and 100x leverage setting by default. In addition, its transaction fee is low and with no spread. If you are new to futures market, you can try futures trading firstly with 10 free BTC offered in Bexplus’s trading simulator.

If you’re interested, you can register a free account and have a try. Deposit BTC in Bexplus for trading, you can also
get 100% btc free bonus which can be used in futures trading as well. Moreover, you will also have chance to both take profits in LTC futures trading with 100x leverage and win free presents like Apple watch, iPad, airpods, etc by joining Bexplus’s Gifts June activity.

Start LTC futures trading now to maximize your potential profits in the soon coming LTC rally before halvening.

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