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$LOVELY Is Now on Top Coins at Bitmart Exchange

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Nov 10, 2021
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Launched in June 2021, Lovely Finance is a blockchain-based ecosystem, which aims to provide a wide range of financial services including a cryptocurrency exchange, a multi-currency wallet, and a peer-to-peer lending platform.

LOVELY was founded by a small team that has since expanded into 15+ community managers with expertise in marketing and product development. The Lovely Finance project aims to create a general interest token economy. Every user who becomes a member  of the Lovely Finance ecosystem will become a stakeholder in the Lovely Finance project.

They are committed to building an open, transparent, inclusive, convenient, efficient, safe, innovative, and collaborative ecosystem for users around the world. 

The first and main product is a fully functional platform for trading cryptocurrencies and assets. The platform is built on top of EOS blockchain technology, which allows for significantly lower costs, higher speed, and better scalability as compared to Ethereum or other traditional blockchains.

The team also has DEX (Decentralised Exchange) project, which is based on the blockchain technology, and has announced that it has completed the stage of its own launchpad (ILO platform), and now it can be used for the “on-line” launch of all ILO-based projects. 

Lovely Finance has the best features of both worlds. It is a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for goods and services, like Bitcoin, but it also has built-in mechanisms which encourage long-term holdings.

Lovely Finance is a self-sustainable blockchain ecosystem built to support its community and financial tools. A group of international blockchain experts, economists, traders, and community managers have created a cryptocurrency($LOVELY) that is focused on the community. The team behind $LOVELY has experience in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency development, trading, marketing, and customer service. 

LOVELY holders will receive constant rewards for holding LOVELY in their wallets. It is a blockchain-based platform that is designed to facilitate fast and secure transfers of value between people. The reward program intends to provide an attractive reward structure to its users for holding the coin in their wallets. The reward will be calculated as a percentage of the transaction fees from all transactions conducted on the platform.

Lovely finance is now listed on top coins at Bitmart exchange, you can trade $LOVELY with BTC, ETH, etc.

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