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Liquid Craft’s Dragon & Bourbon NFTs Launching 23rd November

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Nov 18, 2021
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Liquid Craft, a new concept for the NFT and liquor investment markets, is launching its liquor-backed Dragons & Bourbon NFT series on Nov 20th at 12 PM PST for presale and Nov 23rd at 12 PM PST for public sale. 

The project aims to revolutionize the traditional liquor investment process. Each collectible bottle is tokenized through the use of NFTs, a process that could allow regional wineries, distilleries, and breweries to gain international exposure, while also providing an additional revenue stream – something that could be a welcomed move at a time when international tourism is at record lows.

The Dragons & Bourbon NFT Release

Physical premium bottles of bourbon will be the assets tied to the Dragons & Bourbon NFT release and will be available in a limited quantity. Each NFT will be able to be harvested in exchange for the physical bottle at any point in time, which will remove the NFT from circulation.

The bottles of small-batch bourbon have been crafted by an award-winning distiller from Windsor, Colorado – The Heart Distillery. The unique batch was created using homegrown and locally sourced ingredients and crafted specifically for this release. The batch will be exclusive to the NFT series and won’t be obtainable externally. 

The 1500 NFTs will be split into two tiers – 750 for the Binance Smart Chain and 750 for the Ethereum Network. The total number of NFTs will be completely capped and due to the nature of the small-batch, there will be no option of additional mints being released for this particular series.

$CRAFT Token Airdrops for Buyers

Buyers of the exclusive Dragons and Bourbon NFTs will be eligible for airdrops of the native $CRAFT token. The amounts per NFT may vary depending on the tier purchased. There will be up to 4500 tokens for the Ethereum tier and up to 1500 for the Binance tier. Buyers will also have access to future giveaways, promotions, and events.

The Liquid Craft Proposal

Liquid Craft aims to eliminate the hurdles that currently face traditional investors in the liquor industry. From counterfeit liquor, transport issues, and storage needs, the tokenization of the physical bottles will remove these concerns and simplify the entire process. NFTs will remove the need for paper trails and intermediaries by taking advantage of blockchain technology within the NFTs themselves.

The team behind the project consists of experts in the industry as well as crypto enthusiasts, two key attributes to making the proposal what it is – an industry-leading change for crafters and collectors combined. Both industries have seen exponential growth over the past decade, but traditional liquor is still using traditional aging methods of trade.

The cumbersome processes act as a major deterrent and barrier to entry for would-be investors. Liquid Craft aims to create an easy-to-use platform and marketplace for users to buy, trade, hold and sell liquor across the globe without the need to handle the physical product. This provides owners with a digital art piece as proof-of-ownership, which also gives NFTs real value that can be traded, or sold numerous times with the bottle safely stored with the crafter.

Liquid Craft Lead up with Coinpresso

Liquid Craft has partnered with Coinpresso – a leading crypto marketing agency specializing in SEO, content marketing, web development, and social media marketing. Both teams have been working diligently to bring exposure to the project and aim to bring this release and the upcoming marketplace to a mainstream audience. The team is conducting numerous AMAs and promotions across social media platforms, with more to be announced on the lead-up to launch day. 

Lucky participants that managed to secure a whitelist spot before the 20th of Nov at 12 PM PST, will have the ability to purchase one of the 1500 exclusive NFTs before anyone else. For members of the public, the full release will take place on Nov 23rd at 12 PM PST.

Liquid Craft is set to bring innovation to two different industries with this upcoming NFT release, a move that seeks to benefit investors of NFTs, collectible liquors, and crafters the world over, at the same time.



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