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Bitcarra 2021 Launch Party

Last Call for the Bitcarra 2021 Launch Party

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Oct 1, 2021
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  • Bitcarra launched its platform and the promotional campaign on 1st September 2021.
  • The launch party has a total prize pool of 210,000 USDT
  • The promotional campaign will run its course on 15th October 2021

Bitcarra by Digital Ventures N.V. has been making waves in the iGaming sector for its brilliant crash gambling platform. It introduced a new bitcoin crash game, Dual-crash, on 1st September 2021 along with an engaging inaugural campaign. The Bitcarra 2021 Launch Party accompanied the launch of the platform and has become one of the most rewarding campaigns for bitcoin and crash gaming enthusiasts. 

Through the Bitcarra 2021 Launch Party, the platform is hosting a number of events and competitions that are open to its registered users and affiliate marketers. The collective prize pool of all the rewards, bonuses, and competition is 210,000 USDT, with the biggest allowance of 200,000 USDT sanctioned to Bitcarra Launch Competition (BLC).

Many of the rewards are open to beginners as well. For example, every registered user will get twice the general bonus on signing up on Bitcarra during this promotional period. The bonus will increase further if they are joining using an affiliate marketer’s referral code. The iGaming platform is also giving a Top-up Bonus on the net deposits made by players into their Carra Wallets and a Social Bonus for retweeting its posts, interacting with the team on Bitcointalk, and sharing opinions on Bitcarra in the form of a blog. These three events will give users free Carra Tokens (CTs) that can be used to place bets on any of the crash games on the platform.

Players can even use these free CTs to participate in Warm-up Crash, a demo game. While players only need CTs to play this game, they can redeem the prizes in USDT.

In addition to these bonuses, it is the Bitcarra Launch Competition (BLC) that is keeping serious gamers engaged. A handsome prize pool of 200,000 USDT and four competitions: Total Crash l, Total Crash ll, Top Team, and Grand Lotto are attracting users. Total Crash l, a team game, dominates BLC with 72% of the prize pool. It is followed by Total Crash ll, a version of Total Crash l for single users, which has a share of 20%.  Top Team is next in line with a share of 7%, and finally, Grand Lotto shares 1%. The mechanism of all the competitions is available on the official website of Bitcarra. 

With the aim of offering unique products to its users, Bitcarra created the Dual-crash game, a fixed-player, baccarat-style version of the traditional bit crash game. The game and the launch campaign offer a fresh perspective on an otherwise saturated iGaming industry. 

The Bitcarra 2021 Launch party will continue till 15th October 2021. Anyone who wishes to earn exciting rewards should visit the company website at the earliest. Bitcarra will soon launch other campaigns that will be equally if not more rewarding. 

Learn more about the Bitcarra Launch party at 

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