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IOST Price Prediction

IOST Price Prediction 2023: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Dec 6, 2022
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IOS (The Internet of Things) is a next-generation blockchain platform that supports a service-oriented economy by providing network infrastructure. The IOS platform offers customers an utterly decentralized method of exchanging online services and digital commodities. It also enables developers to construct large-scale dApps that can handle a large number of users.

IOST is the system’s native token. It was an ERC-20 coin based on the Ethereum platform until the mainnet launch in February 2019. The blockchain uses the Proof of Believability idea, which is significantly enhancing scalability and security.

The IOST cryptocurrency decentralized platform allows users to construct full-scale independent apps, such as dApps, that may support an infinite number of participants at the same time. IOST is a unique platform that allows developers to provide high-quality and valuable services to the blockchain ecosystem.

The objective of decentralized apps is to distribute data amongst user computer nodes with the capability to swap them from the nearest nodes. This method of data scaling is known as Sharding. Related to dApps, their clients are decentralized, attack-resistant programs that operate on a blockchain-based network of peer-to-peer computers.

IOST Price Prediction | Introduction

IOST blockchain technology is being implemented in the crypto and blockchain industries to deliver high scalability and safe transactions. IOST claims that its ultrafast blockchain can process 100,000 secure transactions per second. The IOST ecosystem includes its own wallets, nodes, and dApps. IOST operates on a next-generation consensus technique known as ‘proof-of-believability (PoB).’

IOST has collaborated with leading corporations to achieve technological and performance advancements. Significant collaborations include LATOKENS, PLAIR, COVALENT, ContentBox, and Thesis. Recently, the firm teamed with Mycontainer to make staking easier for its investors. IOST announced its participation in the Japan Blockchain Association on October 4. It has partnered with the Play2Earn initiative Zodium to accelerate the growth of NFT and blockchain games.

IOST Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

IOST is an ERC-20 token that was created on the Ethereum network. The IOST cryptocurrency became live in January 2018 after generating $35 million in a private transaction in 2017 (the IOST project did not have an ICO). There are already 18.59 billion tokens in circulation, with a maximum supply of 90 billion.

The IOST whitepaper explained the distribution before the token’s public release: 35% of all tokens go to the IOS Foundation for ecosystem creation and development. 10% was awarded to IOST team members, with the remaining 12.5% going to the community as ecosystem incentives.

In January 2018, the IOST cryptocurrency began trading at $0.027. IOST had a solid bullish start in January, achieving an all-time high (ATH) of $0.136 on January 24, 2018. That corresponds to a 400% rise from the presale price within the same month it went live.

IOST had a rocky year in 2021, with two significant price swings: January-June and July-December. After beginning the year at $0.01, the price increased to $0.08 twice before ending the year at $0.03. At the time of writing, IOST is trading around $0.008526. The market’s price movement demonstrates a great deal of uncertainty. Below is an outline of IOST’s price performance in the last six months.

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High

The source of the historical data can be checked here.

IOST Price Prediction: Market Opinions

WalletInvestor anticipates the coin’s price to rise to $0.0158 by December 2023 in their IOST pricing projections for 2023. predicts an additional increase in price relative to its value as of the writing of this article (when the current price is $0.008526) for December 2023, when the price will reach $0.013.

Accordingly, TradingBeasts is bullish on IOST. They predict the prices will hit $0.01332 by the end of 2023. IOST may aim to reach a minimum level of $0.01132 and a maximum level of $0.01665 on December 2023.

IOST Price Forecast for December – January

According to, IOST is expected to trade at a minimum of $0.0182 in January 2023. The IOST price value may reach a maximum of $0.0189 with an average trading value of $0.0187. They also predict that IOST is expected to trade at a minimum of $0.0178 in December 2023. The IOST price value may reach a maximum of $0.0199 with an average trading value of $0.0197.

IOST Price Forecast for 2023 predicts that IOST will start trading in the $0.0360 range in 2023. Long-term cryptocurrency forecasts indicate that it will reach $0.0445 levels by the middle of the year, with a maximum increase of $0.0452 and an average IOST price of $0.0364.

After analyzing the prices of IOST in past years, Changelly Blog estimates that the minimum cost of IOST in 2023 will be around $0.0129987. The maximum anticipated IOST price can be roughly $0.0149985. Also, the average trade price for IOST in 2023 might be $0.0129987 from Changelly Blog’s perspective.

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

IOST price prediction has a lot of room for growth in 2023. believes that the price of IOST will shortly reach $0.021304 due to the possible announcements of various new collaborations and projects. However, before putting any positive wagers, traders must wait to observe if the IOST’s relative strength index moves out of the oversold zone. They expect IOST to trade at a minimum trading price of $0.017043 and an average trading price of $0.018747 due to market volatility.

Cryptopolitan’s IOST pricing forecast for 2023 is as high as $0.023. They anticipate an average of $0.020 and a low of $0.019 for the IOST price during the year. Its price will gain strength around the $0.02 level. Trading volumes are expected to rise gradually, indicating that the bulls may outnumber the bears in 2023.

Latest News about IOST

According to an article published by the IOST Foundation on, IOST will reward anybody who can contribute new high-quality dApps to their ecosystem in P2E, DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse areas. Once the deal is closed, and the integration is completed, the ambassadors will be rewarded up to 3,000 USDT, depending on the strategic level of the projects purchased, the popularity and engagement of the project’s users, the level of communication they provide throughout the process, and how quickly the process moves.

To encourage an active IOST ecosystem, several tools and initiatives have been created and deployed. The network has also collaborated with additional partners that want to contribute to their ecosystem by developing new apps, tools, and services. The primary purpose of this partnership is to create a solid platform capable of supporting various types of dApps.


What Is IOST?

IOST is an acronym for “Internet of Service” Token. The blockchain network is ultra-fast, scalable, and safe. It is based on the next-generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability” (PoB). IOST’s objective is to be the underlying architecture for online services that satisfies a decentralized economy’s security and scalability standards, led by a team of seasoned specialists and backed by world-class investors.

How to Buy IOST?

IOST is available on various platforms such as Binance, Coinbase,, and more. Traders can buy the coin easily after signing up on their preferred platform.

What Is IOST Used For?

The IOST platform’s native token is used as a medium of exchange for all fees and transactions. As such, it promotes proof-of-believability. As the platform’s “money,” the token is the primary medium of exchange on the network for products and services. Validators are rewarded with tokens for maintaining the network, while users pay fees to utilize it using the token. Over 18 billion of the maximum supply of 90 billion IOST tokens are already in circulation.

IOST Price Prediction: Verdict

As previously forecasted, the future price of IOST is typically optimistic. Following the growing adoption of the IOST ecosystem and price action analysis on its chart, the token’s price is expected to rise gradually. With its fantastic implementation of unique blockchain architecture, the IOST platform enhances the blockchain community by establishing a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain ecosystem to improve service delivery inside Web3.

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