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Invest in iZOBi Handyman App Token

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May 6, 2021
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Commonly known as the “jack of all trades”, handyman services provide a complete range of household repairs and maintenance activities, such as minor plumbing work, electrical system repairs, minor roofing repairs, and painting projects. The novel coronavirus has brought doubt, uncertainty, and above all, confusion, to all businesses including handyman, as people worldwide are reluctant to call anyone inside the home that involves in-person contact.

The available freelancer platforms have greatly abused both service providers and consumers by cutting huge money as platform fee, funds transferred are delayed and used by platform as part of their policies.

These are the biggest problem today faced by handyman industry, however challenging times are also most powerful, as they make us creative searching for newer and better solutions.

Introducing the iZOBi Platform

iZOBi Handyman App is a complete home service ecosystem that directly connects service providers to end-user. It’s similar to Uber but the difference is that there is no middleman, end parties are directly connected and payment is done in peer to peer manner, a win-win situation for everyone.

Some key services provided by iZOBi platform are:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Appliance Repair
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning
  • Nanny
  • Caretaker
  • Dog Walking.

Current Problems and iZOBi Solutions

Job success and user safety are two main challenges in the current home service industry. You hire an electrician who demands full payment despite doing the job poorly. As a homeowner, you either have to enter into an unpleasant conversation or pay the requested fee.

Another issue faced by the homeowners is that locating an appropriate handyman is time-consuming and confusing due to the overwhelming variety of websites, apps, listings, terms, and conditions.

iZOBi offer solution to the above-mentioned problem in a single integrated platform. The advantage of using blockchain as backend technology.

In an environment where millions are losing jobs due to covid19, iZOBi provides such jobless people to be the boss of their own and work independently with clients.

iZOBi Token

iZOBi has its own native cryptocurrency iZOBi token which is a BEP-20 token type based on Binance Smart Chain. The iZOBi token can be used to pay handymen for hired services. Moreover, handymen will receive bonuses in iZOBi tokens when they complete the job for homeowners.

There will be 5 billion iZOBi tokens that will be generated ever. You can buy iZOBi token at a lower price during pre-ICO starting from April 2021. 1 iZOBi = €0.05 and BNB, ETH, and BTC can be used to buy iZOBi token. There is a fair chance that the price of iZOBi token will go up because of its use cases and listing of token on exchanges at the end of 2022.

iZOBi App

There will be two separate iZOBi App each for consumer and service provider. Both Apps will be available on Google Play store and App Store. iZOBi apps have intuitive design that is very easy to use, You don’t need to be technology geek to use that app.

In order to user the APP:

  • Choose between two hourly rates.
  • Enter address where services are required.
  • Wait for concerned service provider to accept the work (customers have the liberty to choose  handyman based on his previous reviews).

All this will be done in less than a minute. It’s really that simple.

For more details of this incredible investment opportunity, check iZOBi –

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