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Interview with James from Maya Preferred 223 project

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Jul 22, 2019
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1. Hi James. Please tell us more about the Maya Preferred 223 project. What’s going on with the stablecoin now? What are the future plans for this cryptocurrency?

Maya Preferred 223 is now backed by 11 gold and silver mines in Mexico, the backing value is currently $34,500 per coin and about to grow. We have been offered multiple listings on top exchanges for free but right now the company feels that the exchanges we are on are sufficient for our growth.

2. Who owns those Mexican mining assets, that are backing the value of the coin? Is it Maya’s team, U.K. Financial Ltd or your local partners?

As of today, Maya Preferred 223 has a contract buy order and is purchasing all four mines that are part of the Tequila Project. The other seven mines that are backing the token do so via contracts binding the owners of the mines and UK Financial Limited on behalf of Maya Preferred 223.

3. What is going on with shafts on the local level? Are they just waiting for extraction, or has that process already been started?

As of now there is no extraction going on. All the gold and silver that has been allocated as the backing of the token cannot be touched unless something happens to the deal itself. It is our goal to never extract the gold and silver that is in the mines.

4. So, you invest in mining, pay salaries to the miners, rent the equipment and machines, and then store the mined gold and silver as backing? Can you reveal how much this costs you? Do you have investors to cover the expenses? What do they get out of the deal?

There are annual taxes every year due to the government of Mexico and UK Financial Limited is paying all the taxes that need to be paid. As far as bills, the owners of the mines pay their own bills to the workers and people that they support. As worked out in the contracts, UK Financialis sending all the money that is necessary to fulfill our end of the agreements so the miners can use that money to pay when they have to

5. What are your plans regarding asset expansion? Will you keep working with precious metals only? Or do you plan on diversifying your actives, adding, for example, other types of metals, diamonds or anything else? Why not add fiats or other cryptos for backing on the odd chance that the precious metals market suddenly drops?

As of now, we are exploring all different types of assets to back Maya Preferred 223. We are not limiting ourselves to just gold and silver mines and soon the world will realize that we are diversifying all of our assets as we deem necessary. We purposely choose not to use fiat because if we were to use it things would become complicated from a regulatory standpoint. Once you open the door by mixing fiat with cryptocurrency, you have to deal with the authorities that are responsible for fiscal jurisdiction in each of the countries whose currency you are using. In the future will be dealing mainly with just assets and leaving fiat to the countries where it belongs.

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