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ICP Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Feb 15, 2022
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The past year’s ICP crypto price prediction can be summed up in three words – to the moon. ICP could be a great opening play for investors in 2022, as the crypto looks to refresh its appeal and gain its mojo back with favorable industry trends in play. 

Internet Computer is well-positioned to continue growing – a tight network of customers gives it a strong base from which it draws strength for a bullish Internet Computer price prediction 2022. A look back at its performance in 2021 gives greater context for an accurate ICP price prediction. 

ICP Price Prediction | Introduction

At the time of writing this ICP price prediction, ICP crypto was trading at $19.43, according to data available on CoinMarketCap. The network’s market cap at this price is an impressive $4 billion, fully diluted to over $9 billion. 

Internet Computer set out to build on the success of cloud storage to build an infinitely scalable blockchain that serves the web. Although the ICP token has sold off since its all-time pick, buoyed by the number of developers flocking to the chain, a bullish ICP crypto price prediction is in the making. 

The future of blockchain lies in moving closer to the user, which is the ultimate goal of the Internet Computer. In its short history, ICP crypto has experienced an explosion of developer and entrepreneurial activity and users for the emerging dApps and services on the chain. 

ICP Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

While Internet Computer did not make the biggest gainers in 2021, they still delivered excellent total returns to investors. Let’s look back and review the trading year to uncover what drove the gains on ICP crypto and weigh on the weakest links.   

MonthOpening PriceClosing PriceMonth High
January 2022$24.44$19.84$37.73
December 2021$40.77$24.44$42.98
November 2021$44.97$40.77$58.26
October 2021$45.10$44.97$57.12
September 2021$62.87$45.10$86.86
August 2021$41.84$62.87$76.49
July 2021$49.86$41.84$50.69

The token has retested the declining trend line six times since hitting $89.20 in September 2021. The last three retests resulted in a consolidation between this hurdle and a support level at $19. A breakout from this sideways bracket is likely to be followed by a massive spike in buying pressure. 

Investors could go long upon a breakout at roughly $33 and take partial profits at $54.11 to $57.90. The remaining positions can be offloaded at $80.66 to $89.20, bringing a total run-up to more than 300%.

Internet Computer Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

This bullish Internet Computer price prediction 2022 relies heavily on a resurgence of buying activity around the support level at $19.02, accompanying a test and confirmation of this level. In the meantime, the market has massively undervalued ICP by more than 10000%. 

Short-Term ICP Price Prediction

Internet Computer coin is bound to retrace at the $19.02 support level and make for a run for the breakout. In this ICP crypto price prediction, market participants can enter long at the retest and book a profit at $39.72.

icp price prediction
Source: TradingView

This price action could represent 100% gains for ICP crypto price. However, while things are looking optimistic for Internet Computer coins, a breakdown from the $19 support level will complicate the matter for investors. A daily close below $19 will create a lower low and invalidate the bullish thesis. 

Such a development will open the path for bearish market makers to push ICP to $18 or lower to collect the liquidity resting below. In a nutshell, ICP price prediction is treading on shaking the ground with more significant bearish pressure, but the fact that there is no directional bias is a ray of hope. 

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Internet Computer Price Prediction: Market Opinions 

It is revealed that Internet Computer coin could be on shaky ground in 2022. So while in most trading conditions, investors might succeed by taking a broad approach to investing in cryptos, it might pay to take an even broader view on ICP price prediction. 

A smart place to start is Internet Computer price prediction 2022 from forecasting systems and crypto industry experts. This ICP crypto price prediction thesis covers various approaches from the best crypto price prediction sites you can apply to establish a winning bet. 

Internet Computer Price Forecast for February – March


TradingBeast confirms a bullish outlook under the condition that the coin will reverse and establish a directional bias. If ICP sets up a lower, there is a good chance this Internet Computer price forecast for February – March will be validated as the coin tests $29.14. 

Long Forecast

Long Forecast eyes a revisit of the support level at $19.92 and $19.32 in the next two months, suggesting the downswing will persist a little longer. This Internet Computer price forecast for February – March predicts a breakdown of this floor as ICP faces a decisive moment.  

Internet Computer Price Prediction for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor pours cold water in tightening speculation. This Internet Computer price forecast for the rest of the year suggests ICP could trade as low as $5.203. Despite retreating above the historical support level, a selling spiral at the first sign of strength could spell doom for ICP.


DigitalCoin projects a bullish correction as it aims to break the consolidation pattern. ICP crypto price prediction provides an opportunity for gains as a breakout of the recent coil could trigger bullish price action above $20, according to this Internet Computer price forecast for the rest of the year.

ICP Price Forecast for the Next Year


Gov.Capital passes a bearish Internet Computer price prediction 2022 conviction eying $0. ICP has set up a lower low on the daily chart, and the current retracement is likely to confirm whether the bears are ready to feast, according to this Internet Computer price forecast for the next year.


PricePrediction hypothesis on ICP suggests the falling crypto price undermines the demand for ICP crypto. This Internet Computer price forecast for the next year favors a bullish extension if the coin manages to climb beyond $26.13 and $26.92. The ICP price prediction is a retest of $31.59. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers 

CryptoNCoffee determines ICP is bound to find support at $10 before forming a new uptrend but warns of a lot of chops, as the token will remain within a descending channel. ICP needs to re-establish momentum, and a retracement needs to let-in new investors at discounted prices. 

ChiliFingers Internet computer price prediction 2022 suggests that ICP is ready for a retracement that will allow bulls to recuperate their strength for the next upswing. Despite the dismal debut, this forecast only needs a burst of positive news and a growing user base to validate the bullish thesis. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Internet Computer

Internet Computer has been vocal about moving the blockchain world away from the gas-price model into an approach that will see smart contracts pay for their execution. This approach has earned the attention of Sonic, which is launching a decentralized exchange on the network. 

Sonic will also launch an automated market maker to run on the Internet Computer blockchain and allow users to gain access to permissionless token swaps. Internet Computer is shaping up to be a leading chain for Web3 products. 

ICP Price Prediction FAQs

Q: What Is an Internet Computer?

A: An Internet Computer is a digital token that runs its own proprietary protocol referred to as Internet Computer Protocol that will give everyone a chance to build and publish content on the internet without having to use the services of already existing companies.

Q: Will Internet Computer Price Go Up?

A:  Digital coin expects that there will be a steady growth of the Internet Computer from $40 this year to $60 in 2025.

Q: Is ICP a Good Investment?

ICP is definitely a good investment considering that its prices are very likely to soar in the near future. The price is continually growing up, as for Qtum price prediction too.

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Internet Computer Price Prediction: Verdict

For investors, Internet Computer price prediction 2022 is one big yawn. They would have been in their right to expect some fireworks, but instead, ICP crypto price prediction has been one big snooze, and the coin has barely moved higher. 

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