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ICP Price Prediction

ICP Price Prediction 2023: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Dec 7, 2022
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Internet Computer is a digital roadmap designed with the primary goal of blockchain-based data storage and retrieval in mind. It is an open-source and public cryptocurrency. The inception of the Internet Computer intends to simplify the lives of investors, traders, and institutions by letting them trade on numerous exchanges and benefit from price increases. 

ICP will allow entrepreneurs and developer communities to create a new generation of services that benefits from improved network effects. Building services cooperatively contributes to a considerably more diversified, dynamic, productive, and dominant ecosystem. It serves as a node in the decentralization of internet power.

ICP Price Prediction | Introduction

Internet Computer (ICP) is a decentralized blockchain network that provides unrestricted internet access and extensive dApp/smart contracts support. ICP was founded by the DFINITY Foundation, aiming to convert the Internet into a world-class computing platform. Internet Computer has an excellent team that has developed smart contracts that allow developers to construct dApps. Furthermore, the Internet Computer delivers limitless scalability and high-level security via a particular check mechanism.

ICP is distinct from other networks thanks to its blockchain, which has outstanding functionality and is accessible to the general public. ICP offers decreased computing expenses while increasing online speed for its consumers all around the world. As a result, the transactions are performed in under a second and at a low cost.

ICP Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

At the time of writing, ICP has a price of $4.37, a market capitalization of $1,199,947,242, and a 24h trading volume of $24,745,798. 

To better understand ICP’s price evolution, let’s look at how it has fluctuated over the past 6 months:

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High

Source: Investing.com

ICP Price Prediction: Market Opinions

According to Bitcoinwisdom.com, ICP’s price has a lot of room for growth in 2023. They believe that the price of ICP will shortly exceed $10.95 as a consequence of the possible announcements of various new collaborations and projects. However, before putting any positive trades, traders are advised to wait to observe if the ICP’s relative strength index moves out of the oversold zone.

Given the volatility of the market, ICP will trade at a minimum trading price of $8.76. The cryptocurrency is expected to have an average trading price of $9.64.

ICP Price Forecast for December – January

DigitalCoin anticipates a bullish correction for ICP  to break the consolidation pattern. According to their Internet Computer price projection for the end of the year, ICP will reach $5.46 in December.

Traders Union expects moderate growth for the price of the ICP coin. They expect that the coin can range between $4.95988 and $7.29395 in January 2023.

ICP Price Forecast for 2023

Cryptopolitan’s ICP price projection for 2023 anticipates a slowly growing trend culminating in a maximum price of $7.79. The coin is expected to show a substantial gain over the present price. They also forecast a minimum price of $6.32 and an average price of $6.55. New developments and regular updates may have an impact on the price levels of the coin.

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

Thenewscrypto.com predicts that if the bearish price action entirely slows down and the trend reverses, Internet Computer (ICP) might reach $15 by 2023.

As the price of Internet Computer continues to rise, Bitnation.co algorithm predicts that in 2023, the highest price will be $12.28. The average price of ICP is expected to remain at $10.96. In the event of a bear market, the lowest price ICP might reach in 2023 is $9.65.

Latest News about ICP

Cryptopolitan.com reports that one of the most significant ICP advancements was the announcement of the creation of a Ledger Internet Computer app. On December 3, 2021, it was revealed that the Ledger wallet would be compatible with the Internet Computer token. ICP tokens are now supported by Ledger.


What Is ICP?

The Internet Computer Protocol provides a fast and efficient blockchain for decentralized Web3 services. ICP is the native utility token of the Internet Computer Network, which is meant to ease network governance and reward network members. To run its platform, Internet Computer employs cutting-edge technology such as chain key cryptography.

How to Buy ICP?

Traders can use a cryptocurrency exchange to purchase ICP by following these steps.

  1. Create an online account;
  2. Download a software wallet;
  3. Make your purchase.

Some of the crypto exchanges where the ICP coin is available include Binance and Coinbase.

What Is ICP Used For?

ICP tokens are the Internet Computer ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency. They are used to compensate network participants as well as to pay transaction costs.

ICP Price Prediction: Verdict

The future of Internet Computer seems promising as a result of ongoing network developments. Furthermore, with the Internet Computer (ICP) network updates and advancements, its performance will contribute to beating the existing record.

In terms of cost, cryptocurrency has the potential to soar to unprecedented heights. The current spike in ICP Coin Pricing demonstrates Internet Computer’s capacity to surprise investors with increased rewards.

ICP has grown to be one of the most famous Blockchain platforms, providing real-world value to the ICP Coin. Long-term investments in ICP Coin seem to be a good decision based on various price estimates.

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