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How to Use Binance in the US

How to Use Binance in the US – Beginner’s Guide

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Mar 4, 2022
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The crypto world is growing daily, which means that more people are willing to venture into the world of crypto trading. However, with Binance being banned in the US, most people do not know how to use Binance in the US. This article will give you a step-to-step process on how to use Binance in the US.

How to Use Binance in the US – Step by Step

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Locate a VPN Provider

Since Binance is no longer accessible to people in the US, the first step to using Binance is to locate a powerful VPN. The function of a VPN is to hide the users’ IP addresses by running their internet network through a remote server that has been configured by the VPN host. 

This means that the moment your intent is connected to a VPN server, the server becomes the source of your data. In that case, with VPN, you will have full access to the Binance platform through its different access points. Most VPN providers will require a monthly subscription to access the premium features of the VPN. You can choose a good VPN from the best VPNs list.

For suggestions regarding the best VPNs and their subscription, visit the latest VPN Review. It is important that your preferred VPN has the kill switch security feature that will shut down the Binance application in the case upon which the VPN loses connection. The reason for this is to avoid the exchange platform from picking up your location during the network glitch. 

Step 2: Create Binance Account

In order to learn how to use Binance in the Us, you need to create a Binance account. After you have chosen a VPN to use and activated it, the next step is to create a Binance account that you will be using for your trading activities. Since US regulators placed pressure on the exchange to shut down American access, those who previously had Binance accounts will not be able to use them unless through the VPN. To create an account with Binance, you will have to click on the Signup button located on their website and fill in the required information.

Step 3: Fund your Account

The final step before you begin trading in Binance is to fund your account. However, you should note that US citizens have been barred from using Binance. In that case, you will not fund your account through sources that may identify you as a US citizen, and this includes credit cards. The most effective way in which you can fund your account is by using other exchanges to transfer crypto to your Binance account. You can get more information about this at Binance academy. 

Most crypto enthusiasts may not have two different crypto exchanges, and they will therefore have to create one of their own for the crypto transfer process. To do this, you will have to locate an exchange that is accessible in the US, with withdrawal rates that are cheap. 

Thereafter, you will need to verify your account according to the requirements of the exchange that you will choose. You can then purchase crypto using your credit card before transferring the chosen crypto to your Binance wallet. Transfer charges will be applied during transfer, and you will be able to start trading on Binance within 24 hours. 

Step 4: Trading Safely

Once you have joined Binance and transferred your crypto to it, it is imperative that you begin trading safely and in the right way. US citizens are not allowed to trade in Binance. In addition, it is against Binance’s terms and conditions to access the platform through a VPN. 

In that case, extreme caution should be taken when trading in Binance to avoid losing your funds. To ensure the ultimate safety of your digital assets, it would be safer if you transfer your purchased digital coins to your wallet for safekeeping; that way, you will be the only person with direct access to them. This was the last step from our guide of how to use Binance in the US, now you are free for trading.

Binance Academy

If you are a newbie trying to venture into the world of cryptocurrency, or an expert in the same field, Binance Academy has the information you need to help you understand what is needed to succeed in the cryptic world. The vision of Binance Academy is to have all the needed topics ranging from the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies to how one can apply cryptocurrencies and their securities. 

It is clear that the world of cryptocurrencies is a fast-paced one, and it is almost impossible to keep up with all the new developments that arise on a daily basis. This is a very important tool for those who intend to use Binance, whether in the US or in any other part of the world. 

There are several areas of access in the Binance Academy, including: 


Consists of the terms and meanings of complex words and jargon used in the cryptocurrency world. Here, newbies will have an idea of what they will be dealing with as crypto enthusiasts. 


This section consists of articles, videos, and even essays that contain the needed information to help one understand the blockchain technology operates, such as crypto mining and smart contracts. 

Economic Perspectives

At this point, you will already be familiar with cryptocurrencies and will be looking for tips on trading strategies and other economic avenues. 

Security Breakdown

This section features blockchain security, as well as how your crypto is secured and stored. Users will know how to store and back up their information for safekeeping.

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Binance Invitation Code

When you begin trading with Binance, you are given the opportunity to earn crypto from your friends’ investments through the referral process. The step to the referral process is to establish how much commission you are willing to share with your friends. You will then share your referral link/Binance referral code and start earning once your friends start trading.

How to Use Binance in the US – Conclusion

Even though Binance isn’t available in the US, those in the US can still access the platform and trade through the above steps. Furthermore, you can gain more information about crypto trading through the Binance Academy. If you want to find out more about this exchange, you can check our Binance review.

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