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How to Track and Manage Your Crypto Investments

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Feb 4, 2021
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Investing in cryptocurrency is becoming very popular for both individuals and organizations that tend to buy more digital assets. The number one cryptocurrency remains Bitcoin, which is now considered to be a rival store of value against gold. As with any other investment, you will need to track your crypto investments to know if you are making a profit or not and if you need to change your assets.

But how do you choose the best cryptocurrency exchanges or platforms for you? Many crypto investment companies hire a crypto marketing agency to promote their products and services and help navigate the landscape of the investment industry. These crypto marketing agencies use different strategies to entice investors, such as inbound marketing such as content marketing.

With the same concept, you can also hire an experienced crypto broker or account manager to help you choose the right investment, and more so, help track and manage your crypto investments. Many busy investors take advantage of professional services to get the most out of their crypto investments. 

But if you opt-in to track your cryptocurrency investment portfolio on your own, you can do it confidently and professionally. There are many ways to track your cryptocurrency investment portfolio. This is made possible by a number of startups and mobile apps that you can conveniently leverage to stay in tune with what goes on with your investment. In this article, we will outline how to track your crypto investments using these tools.

Cryptocurrency Investment Trackers

Basically, a crypto investment tracker is any digital platform that allows investors to track their crypto portfolio. This may be an app or a website connected to the cryptocurrency wallet to control the digital assets.

Other investment trackers also integrate with crypto exchanges directly, and investors can use them actually to trade their crypto assets. Using these tools, you will be able to manage all your assets effectively. As a result, you can maximize your investment and increase your net worth in an otherwise impossible way.

crypto investments

Why Do You Need Investment Trackers?

Cryptocurrencies are a new set of investment assets that have only been around for just over 10 years. As there are not many investors in the space yet, prices can be very volatile and change fast in a short time. The changes can be caused by developments such as regulations or key influencers taking certain actions.

Because of the rapid price changes, it is important to keep a close watch on your crypto investments in order to use such changes to your advantage. This is where crypto investment trackers come in.

The following are some top trackers you may consider using.


crypto investments tracker

CoinStats is a crypto portfolio management platform that gives you access to various cryptocurrencies and exchanges. There are currently over 8000 cryptocurrencies and 300 exchanges you can link to. Once you link your crypto wallet to either the exchanges or apps, you can easily manage your investment with real-time price updates and other important information necessary for better portfolio assessment.

CoinStats is available for all devices, both iOS and Android, so that you can monitor your crypto investments on the go. It’s also available on the Web, macOS, Telegram bot, and apple watch.


crypto investments tracker

This is a crypto portfolio for mobile devices. Though strictly an app, it competes with famous names, such as Blockfolio, when it comes to crypto asset tracking. With Delta, you can track your crypto investments on the go whether you are traveling, stay in the office, or at home.

The app supports 2000 cryptocurrencies and 7 top exchanges that you can sync with to trade assets. You can also easily view charts and graphs for crypto prices with the beautifully designed but simple user interface. If you are a fan of apps and wish to keep an eye on your crypto investments at all times, Delta is the companion you need.


crypto investments tracker

This is another crypto portfolio tracking app known for its cool design. It offers a lot more than its physical attractiveness. With it, you can add API keys from your different crypto wallets, and you can import all your crypto transactions and manage them. Known as a social portfolio tracker, Altpocked also allows you to have discussions on cryptocurrencies in communities as well as learn from top crypto traders. It is a simple app to understand and is easily customizable to your taste to give variety.


This is a crypto investment tracking website that happens to be the first-ever tracker in the cryptocurrency niche. The website enables you to track key information, such as crypto income from all sources, losses, and stolen assets. As an addition, Contracking has a crypto tax software that makes calculating tax on your assets easier.

The CoinTracking app is also available on both iOS and Android devices, with access to over 110 assets and exchanges to manage and track. With the free version, you can track up to 200 trades, which is a decent number for the average retail investor. However, in order to track more trades, there is a need for an upgrade to the paid version.

Other Ways to Manage Your Crypto Investment

As much as it is important to use crypto investment management apps and other tools, you won’t go wrong by having other sources of information and guidance. One of the easiest ways you can get information crucial to your portfolio management is by being active in the communities of your respective assets. Some of them have very active communities with real-time information on developments that you may not find within your investment tracker.

You can find such communities on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram. You may also follow influencers in the space that give valuable updates on price and other information. So this might help you make the best decision to manage your portfolio better.


Are you a cryptocurrency investor? It is good to know that to make the best of your investment, you need to be able to track them, especially if you have many different assets. That’s why you need to find a cryptocurrency platform that will show you all you need to know. The investment trackers are designed to help you manage many assets, and so you will definitely find them helpful.

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