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How to Register a Crypto Company in Malta

How to Register a Crypto Company in Malta

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Jan 18, 2023
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If you are searching for a reliable European jurisdiction to start your new crypto project, founding a company in Malta will be a good business idea. The jurisdiction has introduced a very favorable legal framework for the regulation of crypto deals. It is loyal and follows all EU compliance requirements at the same time.

If you want to found your own crypto startup, you need to set up a separate corporate entity in Malta. There is another must-have point – a Maltese crypto license that Prifinance attorneys are prepared to help you with by applying their tested practices. 

Below you may find a brief guide on how to incorporate a legal person in the territory of this state and why this is a good idea.

Core Points about the Founding and Operation of a Maltese Crypto Company

The reason why Malta has become a host for many crypto companies is that the jurisdiction has adopted specialized legislation. It was implemented to foster innovations and a clear regulatory framework for the crypto industry. 

In this case, three major legal acts have to be noted:

  • Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act;
  • Digital Innovation Authority Act;
  • Virtual Financial Assets Act.

Another point that induces foreign entrepreneurs to register a crypto company in Malta is taxation. Under certain conditions, foreign businessmen may easily enjoy the reduced actual corporate tax rate of 5%.

Malta has also diversified its approach to licensing. 4 types of licenses can be issued to crypto projects in this state. All types of operations, from consulting to exchange, are covered. There are also defined costs for each type of license: one-time registration and annual renewal fees.

A Maltese limited liability company may easily become a holder of any of these 4 types of licenses. 

To incorporate a crypto project in Malta, these must-have actions are needed:

  • Provide the details about the founders, beneficiaries, and managers of a company. If it will be part of an international group, the structure of this group should be explained also.
  • Draft statutory and registration documents according to Maltese regulations.
  • Form and pay 20% of the statutory capital before the moment of registration.
  • Hire three local employees. The company staff should also include compliance specialists in any case.
  • Develop and implement sufficient internal policies, including KYC.
  • Acquire and adapt to the needs of a business sufficient security and technical systems to ensure monitoring, money laundering prevention, record-keeping, and reporting.

A Maltese crypto company will open an opportunity to trade worldwide. 

All documentation and communication can be carried out in English as this is the official language in Malta. This is probably the last sufficient reason that encourages many entrepreneurs to register their crypto companies in Malta. 

Prifinance attorneys can help you to do the same.

How Prifinance Attorneys Are Ready to Facilitate You

If you have defined the goal of registering a Maltese crypto company as your #1 priority for now, Prifinance attorneys are prepared to foster its realization through these legal services, among others:

  • appropriately exploring and addressing all regulations that may be applicable in your case;
  • consulting on all taxation and reporting matters;
  • applying for and helping to keep a Maltese crypto license active;
  • developing and implementing all statutory, registration, and compliance documents;
  • opening bank and/or EMI accounts;
  • supporting the resolution of all issues that may appear in the course of your crypto company operation.

Provide the details of your business ideas you want to realize in Malta – obtain detailed action plans, cost calculations, and well-rounded support from experienced lawyers. Professional attorneys who have successfully realized 200+ projects are ready to foster the process of registration and doing business in your case too.

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