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How to Mine Ethereum on a Mac | Things You Need to Know

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Jan 15, 2019
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Users that are looking to mine Ethereum by using their Mac now have these options, as the software required for this process has seen some developments into making it more user-friendly. However, there are still some steps you have to apply in order to make a profit when mining with Apple computers.

Getting Started – How to Mine Ethereum on Mac

MinerGate is a mining software most commonly used on a Mac. The program enables users to select different cryptocurrencies and mine the ones that bring more profit.

Mining Ethereum with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) miner such as MinerGate is the most accessible option. Unlike command line interfaces (CLI), GUI miners do not require any text commands within the Terminal App, allowing easy user interaction.

Set-up Process

  • Go to and download the miner for free.
  • Create an account on Minergate by using your email.
  • Log into the app on your desktop with your account credentials.
  • From the ‘Miner’ tab select to mine ETH.

However, you must keep in mind that MinerGate no longer supports GPU mining on Mac OS based rigs. Even more popular CLI miners have issues with macOS support after version 10.11.

Ethereum Wallet Creation

After MinerGate has been installed, you will then have to create an Ethereum wallet where you will be conducting all your Ether transactions and storage. users have the ability to opt which currency they can mine. The wallet will enable you to withdraw the Ether from your wallet and store the mined Ethereum on your Mac.

Download a CPU Temperature App

Mining is a process which is rather a power consuming, and it can take a toll on your computer’s performance. Because of this, Ethereum mining on a Mac can quickly lead to overheating and can ultimately damage beyond repair your battery or other components.

By downloading a CPU temperature monitor, you will be able to monitor your computer’s performance and instill breaks from mining when needed.

smcFanControl 2.6 is a CPU temperature app that controls how fast your internal fans rotate and monitors your hardware’s internal temperature. Set the fan speed at a minimum and closely supervise your rig before it reaches dangerous temperatures.

Configure Your Computer’s Mining Performance

When you will commence the mining process, you’ll have the possibility of selecting how many cores you want to use, which means that you are choosing just how hard your computer will be working. However, even though a higher performance correlates to more mining and thus more Ether, it also affects the long –term functionality and speed of your computer and there is the risk to permanently damaging your board without temperature control.

Consider Using the Smart Miner Feature

The smart miner is a feature embedded in MinerGate which offers users guidance through the mining process. Smart miner shows you the selection of coins that are available for mining, although some cryptos you won’t be able to mine, as in the case of Bitcoin. Smart miner can also show your hardware ‘s mining capacity, its hash rates as well as your computer’s mining speed.

Use a Desktop Instead of a Laptop

It is recommended that you mine using a desktop, even if the latest version of MacBook Pros Laptops lacks the computing power of a desktop. If you want to generate a profit through mining, your computer must be up and running non-stop at all hours. By using a laptop to mine continuously, it will quickly overheat and fry your CPU. If you don’t have a desktop, you can use the best laptop for programming and coding.

A Mining Pool Might Be a Good Option

An easy alternative to Ethereum mining on your Mac is pooled mining. A mining pool involves multiple miners pooling in their hardware’s computing power to generate the same block, after which they reward is divided evenly amongst them.

The disadvantage to mining pools is that certain participants can fraudulently claim a larger part of the block reward, but there are certain measures that can be implemented to prevent this from occurring. “Slush’s pools” employs a scoring system in which older shares are less significant than newer ones, thus demotivating users from cheating.


Ethereum mining on a Mac computer currently has very few alternatives, as the difficulty is increasing beyond the computing capabilities of a CPU. A more profitable approach would be to make use of your Mac’s CPU to mine other altcoins which exert less of a strain on your CPU.

MinerGate can optimize the mining process and bring more income by mining the most profitable coin at that moment, and then you can convert the mined coins to Ethereum on any crypto platform which supports the pair.

For the time being, mining Ethereum on a Mac features limited options, but it can be a good introductory exercise for beginner miners.

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