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how to mine DigiByte

How to Mine DigiByte | Beginner’s Guide

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Feb 18, 2022
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Crypto mining can be a very lucrative endeavor if you choose the right crypto and know how to mine efficiently. In our article for today, we will be showing you how to mine DigiByte, a very versatile cryptocurrency in terms of mining.

About DigiByte

DigiByte (DGB) is a crypto that was forked from Bitcoin back in 2014, intended to have higher levels of security, decentralization, and faster transactions.

Processing times are 40 times faster compared to those of Bitcoin. What separates DGB from other Bitcoin forks is the fact that the crypto can be mined with both GPU cards and ASIC machines, via five different algorithms.

Similar to Bitcoin, Digibyte makes use of the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. Digibyte supported algorithms are SHA-256, Skein, Groestl, Scrypt, and Qubit. The choice of your mining algorithm depends on what mining rig you decide to use.

For instance, SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms require ASIC miners who are rather expensive if you want to get into solo mining. Qubit makes use of a combination of multiple types of hardware, and it is better suited for advanced users. But, Groestl and Skein are indicated for GPU miners.

Before starting the mining process, you should have downloaded and installed Digibyte digital wallet, as you will need the wallet address later on. Several exchanges allow you to create a wallet on the platform and mine directly to it.

How to Mine Digibyte

The most recommended way of mining DGB is through ASICs that have powerful computational capacities, allowing you to mine more profitably. But, if you only have GPUs, you can also use such hardware for mining. The developers behind the crypto incorporated these algorithms to offer miners the freedom of using their own hardware if they want instead of investing in new, expensive DigiByte hardware.

Once again, let’s go over what algorithms you can use with which devices:

  • SHA-256, Scrypt, and Qubit – ASIC miners;
  • Skein and Groestl – GPU cards (Nvidia).

Join a Mining Pool

In order to get higher mining profits, it is recommended that you join a DGB mining pool. By combining your mining resources with other network users, you will increase your chances of generating profits on a more frequent and steadier basis.

First, you have to join a mining pool. There are a variety of Digibyte mining pools that you can enter:

Scrypt Mining Pools

SHA256 Mining Pools

Qubit Mining Pools

Skein Mining Pools

Groestl Mining Pools

All algorithms:

Miners with the Myriad-Groestl algorithm have to be optimized in order to be able to mine in certain pools:

Now we will show you how to mine Digibyte on various pools:

Mining Configurations for Using F2pool

 SHA256 Algorithm

  1. Enter the miner IP.
  2. Go into the miner’s backstage and set the following parameters:
  • Pool URLstratum+tcp://
  • WorkerWallet address.worker name
  • PasswordWorker password (any random words)
  1. Confirm the wallet address and the pool address.
  2. Click on “Save & Apply” on the lower right.
  3. Mining will start immediately.

Scrypt Algorithm

  1. Enter your miner’s IP in the managing PC’s browser.
  2. Go into the miner setting page and fill in the following information:
  • Workerwallet address.worker name
  • Passwordworker passwordCan be any words
  1. After you are done with the configuration, click on “Save & Apply.”

Skein Algorithm

  1. Set the following parameters:
  • AlgoSkeincoin
  • Userworker_name(such as DsUwCypjp9kpgzpz5dWhdewoXHYLNCHNqWQ.123)
  • Passx
  • Extra noncedon’t select
  • Priority: 0
  1. Confirm configuration.
  2. Select “reload pools” to add new pool.
  3. DGB mining will start immediately.

Qubit Algorithm

  1. Set the parameters presented below:
  • AlgoQubit
  • Userworker_name(such as: DsUwCypjp9kpgzpz5dWhdewoXHYLNCHNqWQ.123)
  • Passx
  • Extra noncedon’t select
  • Priority: 0
  1. Confirm configuration.
  2. Select “reload pools.”

Odocrypt Algorithm

  1. Input the miner IP in the manage PC browser.
  2. Enter account and password names (both are “root”).
  3. Go into the miner backend, and set the parameters as below:
  • Algorithm: Odocrypt
  • URL:
  • Worker: worker_name(such as: DsUwCypjp9kpgzpz5dWhdewoXHYLNCHNqWQ.123)
  • Pass: x
  1. Click “Save & Apply.”

How to Mine Digibyte on Digihash

  1. Download Digibyte 1, click “Miner” (this miner is only for Windows systems).
  2. Extract the zip file and install it.
  3. Run miner.

For advanced configurations:

Algorithm: Qubit

  • Username: your digibyte-qubit wallet address
  • Password: anything
  • URL (difficulty 0.01): stratum+tcp://
  • URL (difficulty 0.4): stratum+tcp://
  • URL (difficulty 1): stratum+tcp://

Algorithm: Scrypt

  • Username: your digibyte-scrypt wallet address
  • Password: anything
  • URL (difficulty 8192): stratum+tcp://
  • URL (difficulty 32768): stratum+tcp://
  • URL (difficulty 131072): stratum+tcp://

Algorithm: Sha256

  • Username: your digibyte-sha256 wallet address
  • Password: anything
  • URL (difficulty 8192): stratum+tcp://
  • URL (difficulty 16384): stratum+tcp://
  • URL (difficulty 32768): stratum+tcp://

Algorithm: Skein

  • Username: your digibyte-skein wallet address
  • Password: anything
  • URL (difficulty 0.1): stratum+tcp://
  • URL (difficulty 10): stratum+tcp://
  • URL (difficulty 256): stratum+tcp://

Difibyte Mining Profitability

Mining profitability should be an important aspect that you look into before starting to mine Digibyte. In order to determine just how much profit you can make from mining Digibyte, you can use a mining profitability calculator to help you estimate your earnings based on factors, such as hash rate, power consumption, algorithms difficulties, and overall cost of mining.

Digibyte’s algorithm versatility allows you to mine with a variety of miners, including Antminer S9, Antminer L3, Baikal-X, Blackminer F1/F1+/F1 Mini, or graphic cards such as Nvidia.

Depending on your device’s performance and the cost of the electricity in your area, your DGB mining profits can significantly vary.

Mining Digibyte: Conclusion

If you were interested in learning how to mine Digibyte, then we hope that you found our article useful. Look into each of the pool’s details before using one, compare their fees and features, as some might be more advantageous for you than others.

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