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How TipsyVerse Will Destroy Decentraland

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Dec 17, 2021
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If you’re a Decentraland fan, you won’t want to hear this – your favorite game has finally met a worthy opponent, TipsyVerse! The new play-to-earn sensation is coming to the Metaverse with full force, and it threatens to spell the end of Decentraland.

TipsyVerse promises modern graphics, a more advanced technology stack, a community centric experience, and more meaningful celebrity interactions. Be seen and be heard around your favourite celebrities, go for a yoga session, or simply hang out playing minigames like skiing, surfing. TipsyVerse’s novel take on the Metaverse is set to be fun, engaging, and highly rewarding for its users. Simply put, we’re confident that it will be better than anything the Metaverse has seen so far.

And, if that’s not enough to convince you, we’ll break down exactly how TipsyVerse will destroy Decentraland.

Mind-Blowing Graphics

Decentraland has been around for quite some time. We’ll give it that. In this period, it became one of the top-50 crypto companies by market capitalization. However bullish investors might be, you can’t excuse its use of outdated graphics, which looks akin to games we used to play in the early 2010s.

Unlike that, TipsyVerse is an open world that embraces high end graphic designs, captivating storylines, and novel characters. One of the stylistic inspirations is the visual style of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but the team is also looking to create multiple worlds with completely different stylistic themes. Execution is key and TipsyVerse has a sophisticated design team and tech geniuses from multi-disciplinary backgrounds to ensure they deliver. The accomplished team is headed by an experienced and accomplished tech lead that teaches coding in an Australian university. 

Acknowledging that the next stage in visual experiences is in VR, TipsyVerse aims to leverage cutting edge technological advances and provide a fully immersive experience for a true Metaverse experience in 3D. TipsyVerse will be smoothly integrated with the industry’s best VR hardware, such as Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive headsets, and also be actively updated to support hardware that will launch in future.

If you think that’s it, TipsyVerse doesn’t stop there, as it will invest in R&D into developing bodysuits so you can actually feel the world with your skin. This is similar to Ready Player One – but without the needless violence surely! After all, the project wants its community to grow through love and laughter, not brutality and sadness.

Rub Shoulders with Celebrities

While Decentraland has attracted a frenzied purchase of land and NFTs due to its hype from press coverage, it still lacks meaningful interactions in the community and as a result, people don’t actually spend much time playing the game.

Here is where TipsyVerse plans to disrupt the current status quo. With the belief that a successful Metaverse is one with a strong community that desires to spend time in it, TipsyVerse is built to be a social simulation game at the very core. It will be the place where everyday people, NFT collectors, and players have the chance to engage with influential people worldwide. 

Riding on commercially strategic partnerships with established global brands, the game will enable up-close interactions between players and A-list celebrities. It’s the place to be where you can party with the season’s hottest DJs and get exclusive access to front-row concert seats and backstage passes to their shows – heck, maybe even go for an exclusive ski trip with them after the concert!

Wouldn’t it be crazy if you can be seen and heard around your favourite celebrities from the comfort of your home?

No More Browser Limitations

One of the greatest setbacks of Decentraland is that the game loads on a browser. Frequently buggy and cumbersome, it also takes a substantial time to load, even on high-performance computers.

TipsyVerse seeks to avoid these issues by employing a modern technology stack. The project will launch a dedicated game that will be installed on your computer or VR hardware for a truly customised gaming experience, and it will be compatible with various wallets so that players can keep their NFTs forever close to them.

Top-Notch Resources

Another truth that many Decentraland fans avoid admitting is that their favorite game lacks a competitive advantage apart from the fact that it’s one of the first movers within the Metaverse space.

TipsyVerse does not plan to rest on its laurels or rely only on the hype around its launch. Instead, it has dedicated an extensive portion of its finances towards the deployment of top-notch resources to continuously develop the game.

Contrary to other play-to-earn projects, TipsyVerse does not deliver empty promises. This Vegas of the metaverse is powered by TipsyCoin ($tipsy) which is TipsyVerse’s in-game currency. $tipsy’s imminent launch in Q1 2022 paired with the game’s alpha-release in 2023 will prove the team’s high ambitions in this regard.

A 10,000X Potential

TipsyVerse and its native utility coin, TipsyCoin, will conduct a fair launch without pre-sales activities as it wants to create a stable environment for long term hodlers. The core team has even turned down various investors, including a renowned VC firm. Their commitment towards this vision is demonstrated in automatic buyback protocols in smart contracts which will cushion against downward trends and discourage dumping. The ecosystem instead passively rewards wallets that hold onto their $tipsy.

The team pledges to provide transparent communication and has given back to the community even before launching. Saving 81 Nigerian children and saving 50 penguins is just the beginning of TipsyCoin’s journey. Without a doubt, $tipsy has a 10,000X potential. If you’re keen on investing in the next Metaverse sensation, look out for TipsyCoin, launching between January and March 2022!

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