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How Can You Make Some Profit with Coins?

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Jun 3, 2020
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We would like to inform you of a unique service that is called Locacoins.

What Are Locacoins?

This is a cryptowallet, and is one of the most popular and most widely used cryptocurrency wallets around the world. Locacoins enables you to receive and send cryptocurrency, as well as being able to store the cryptocurrency in your account. There is an automatic exchange service between cryptocurrencies that is built into this cryptowallet, which you can take advantage of 24 hours a day, with a very low commission rate.

There is also another very interesting aspect of using this service, which involves earning money by storing your cryptocurrency in Locacoins.

How Does This Work?

As has been mentioned above, there is an automatic exchange built into the cryptowallet, and bearing in mind that there is a large number of cryptocurrency users, the volume of daily exchanges far exceeds the reserves of Locacoins. This makes it possible to transfer funds for the provision of exchange operations, thereby providing you with profit made on the exchange operations.

What Amount of Returns Can Be Expected?

The returns can be quite good. On the average, commission for exchanges is about 1 percent, and when transferring funds for provision of exchange operations, this service guarantees about 5 to 6 exchanges per day. Locacoins is designed to share 50 percent of the commission with you, so you can earn as much as 3 percent in a day. That not bad, right?


You receive access to a completely secure wallet that only you have access to.


Completely anonymous access. We do not request any documents from you.


All payments are made instantly. The sender and the recipient can be in different parts of the world.

No Restrictions

Store, receive, and send any amount.

Additional Rewards

You will find your affiliate link in your account. If your friend/acquaintance registers using this link and transfers funds to ensure exchange transactions, then we will instantly pay you 100% of our commission fee for 5 days, which is approximately 10% of the amount transferred to your friend. Moreover, the more friends you recruit, the more we are willing to pay you a reward. You can review the forking scale showing how your reward can grow in your personal account.

Sign up for the service using the provided link, and you can start using Locacoins to send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrencies, as well as increasing your cryptocurrency reserves.

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