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GrimaceCoin Locked for Growth with Certik Audit in Progress and Metaverse in Development

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Feb 17, 2022
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Cryptocurrencies have been here for over a decade but in recent years the emergence of “meme coins” has breathed a new life into crypto currencies. Meme coins are fast to go viral, just as the name implies. As a result, investors enjoy large returns when they invest in meme coins.

GrimaceCoin is one such “meme coin” that took its inception in late January, in a typical meme.

What Is Grimace Coin?

Grimace Coin is a Binance Smart Chain crypto token, similar to Dogecoin that came to limelight in late January. Being a meme coin is not the only similarity that Grimace has with Dogecoin. The very inception of Grimace coin is linked with Elon Musk , Dogecoin and his unpredictable tweets.

It all began when Elon Musk proposed to eat a McDonalds happy meal on TV, if McDonalds started accepting Dogecoin. “I will eat a happy meal on tv if @McDonalds accepts Dogecoin”

This gave McDonalds the perfect opportunity to plug in their (then fictional) Grimace coin by replying “only if Tesla accepts Grimace coin”. Hours laterthe real Grimace coin was minted and ready to be sold. According to CoinDesk, following Musk’s tweet, the newly minted coin saw a surge of over 285000%.

It is important to note here that while “Grimace” is an old time McDonalds mascot, the food chain has confirmed that it does not have any affiliation with Grimace coin. However, it is a catch-22 situation for McDonalds. Grimace coin exists on the blockchain now, so every time McDonalds uses Grimace it ends up inadvertently promoting the coin as well.

This was demonstrated during the Superbowl when Grimace made a very timely come back in the new McDonalds ad. The appearance of Grimace prompted a spike in the prices of Grimace coin.

Metaverse Development

Grimace is gearing up for the next step in their roadmap to achieve legitimacy. The team behind Grimace coin is getting ready to deploy the coin on metaverse. The coin will get a play to earn (P2E) mode, which will allow users to earn Grimace coins as they play in the metaverse.

Grimace NFT holders will get a free car to start in the game. The NFT car will be tradeable, allowing users to buy and sell NFTs in game. Existing Grimace NFT holders will also get private access to VIP areas in the game.

The coin sold the whole lot of 1000 NFTs in a span of 7 hours for 0.3 BNB each on 12th of February.

Certik Audit in Progress

Certik Audit is a blockchain security company which provides a formal verification platform for blockchain and web3 apps. Certik Audit provides security auditing and consulting services to blockchain projects.

Grimace coin is currently undergoing Certik audit. The project is scheduled for a security assessment, the site shows that the audit is 5% completed. Once the audit is completed, Certik will issue an audit report which will give the coin  much needed legitimacy.

Grimace Community

As customary with meme coins, a strong and vibrant community is already growing around Grimace coin. The Grimace community has recently been posting videos of their “Project BigMac” where the community members around the globe can be seen distributing McDonalds meals to the homeless and the needy.

Grimace Coin can be found at CoinMarketCap

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