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Get Ready for “Dreamworlds” and its token DMD: A New Era in User-Friendly AIGC Platform

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Apr 19, 2024
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Imagine having the next blockbuster at your fingertips. While laptops or phone screens have advanced, the entertainment industry has been restricted by limited studio talent and funding. Dreamworlds is poised to democratize entertainment.

Dreamworlds is on track to become the premier AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) platform, empowering users to create and immerse themselves in AI-generated environments and characters that evolve with them. This approach offers lucrative revenue opportunities through its innovative content creation and consumption model, significantly reducing labor costs and delivering groundbreaking immersive experiences.


The DMD token fuels this ecosystem, enabling users to access curated content or develop their own creative worlds and characters. The token has gained momentum, supported by a growing Dreamworlds community on Twitter and Telegram.

With a planned launch in a few weeks, DMD has secured partnerships with 100+ global influencers and is signing strategic alliances with leading AI technology firms. 

Don’t miss the limited-time DMD Air-Drop starting this Friday the 19th, exclusively on the Dreamworlds official website:

Find out the latest news and listing info on their Twitter:

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