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GBR Coin’s ICO

GBR Coin’s ICO Has Been Shortened To 2 Months After Its Launch

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Sep 30, 2022
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GBR Coin (GBR), a blockchain project with its headquarters situated in Dubai, has recently launched the ICO of its crypto token, GBR Coin (GBR), on its official website. The ICO will be active for the next two months, allowing interested investors to purchase GBR tokens at pre-sale prices. 

The GBR token was minted on the Polygon blockchain, which is a “Layer 2” scaling solution that was built to reduce transaction costs and processing times on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Investors will be able to purchase a portion of the total 60,000,000 GBR tokens over the course of the next two months in the project’s live ICO. 

GBR will be the native token for the entire GBR ecosystem, which is an all-encompassing blockchain ecosystem that aims to become the leading crypto payment gateway in the real estate industry.  

In the ecosystem’s early phase, the Web3 technologies included will be blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, but later on, the ecosystem will include metaverse and NFT technologies as well. 

With the token, real estate investors will be able to purchase properties listed on the project’s blockchain no matter where they are situated in the world, while also transacting at super-fast speeds and low costs. 

The GBR token’s value will be preserved with the implementation of an algorithmic trading bot, which is autonomous software that will analyze and place trades according to constantly changing market conditions. 

This preservation of GBR’s buying power will make it one of the first cryptocurrencies in the market that can serve as a viable form of payment for goods and services, which will inevitably attract people who are looking for a borderless payment option that is devoid of unreasonably high traditional banking fees. 

The distributed nature of blockchain technology will provide real estate investors in the GBR ecosystem with a secure, tamper-proof, and immutable platform for all of their real estate documents, such as ownership documents, title deeds, property transfer agreements, etc. 

Property owners and prospective buyers will also be able to conduct real estate transactions with a higher degree of peace of mind given the maximized levels of transparency that the ecosystem will offer them. This tackles one of the biggest problems in the real estate industry: the lack of transparency between parties in real estate transactions. 

About the Team 

The team behind GBR has been involved in the real estate industry for more than 25 years and has serviced a vast amount of clients with services, ranging from 1031 tax-deferred exchanges to full-service property management. 

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