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Fight4Hope, the Most Anticipated P2E Game, is Now Live

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Oct 4, 2022
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Fight4Hope, an anticipated P2E game based in space, has been launched.

Gaming has long been one of the most successful markets, and its integration with blockchain had the community excited. Several thrilling titles have been launched in the recent past, leading to a tremendous increase in user activity and the community’s growth. 

According to the latest figures, user activity in the P2E space has grown nearly 2000% each year for the last few, and pre-sales for most projects did exceptionally well. The best part, the native tokens saw a considerable rise in value after they were listed on exchanges and were traded in huge voes. 

As of late, projects have started developing P2E NFT games, a significant development since both the P2E model and NFT technology have been two of the major highlights of the blockchain space, drawing considerable investments and attracting users. 

And the community is more excited than ever with the launch of Fight4Hope, one of the most advanced P2E games in the blockchain space, offering high-end graphics developed using Unreal Engine 5. Fight4Hope, built on the Binance Smart Chain, boasts of the best graphics delivered in the blockchain gaming industry to date. 

The official launch of Fight4Hope is slated for October 4, 2022, at 6 PM UTC.

About Fight4Hope

The Fight4Hope storyline takes place in outer space, where players fight one another in a battle royale system, with the last one remaining winning the rewards. The objective is to lay claim over Hope, a spaceship drifting around in space that offers a chance to escape the dying homeworld, made uninhabitable by centuries of pollution and abuse. Hope is their only chance at a better life!

To earn the F4H tokens, players have to win combats, leveling up with every win. There are six levels: Scout, Scavenger, Squatter, Reclaimer, Colonist, and Salvager of Hope. Every player starts off as a Scout, and after winning enough battles, can claim the highest status of Salvager of Hope.

To participate in battles, one has to obtain spaceship NFTs, available in the platform’s marketplace, or use the in-game features to mint on site. These can be acquired using F4H tokens and the tokens traded on DEX (Decentralized Exchanges). 

F4H tokens are distributed through a staking protocol and in-game activities, and rewards are usually higher than other similar projects. Also, users can upgrade their NFTs or purchase a higher level one from other players. And subsequently, users can sell the NFTs at a profit to earn F4H tokens.

Fight4Hope intends to create an ecosystem that provides thrilling and exciting gameplay to the community and, at the same time, serves the interests of retailers, businesses, and project owners. It plans to become the perfect marketing and advertising platform, generating revenue that will further boost the game’s development and will be used to provide rewards to players.

A steady source of revenue is critical to the long-term sustainability and viability of the project. Most P2E games were discontinued shortly after launch due to a funding crunch, but with advertising, marketing, and RBA Labs as an income source, Fight4Hope eliminates the chances of that happening and secures the project for years to come.

Fight4Hope is currently available for both Windows and Android platforms and offers crossplay between the two. The game is currently live, and anyone wanting to experience it can download Fight 4 Hope from the project’s Google Drive

Fight 4 Hope has also collaborated with several gamers and streamers who will be joining as ambassadors in the near future, among them some prominent names in the gaming industry.

The project’s native token

Fight4Hope or $F4H (Token Symbol) is the native token for the project, which will be used for both in-game transactions and to offer rewards. The token’s total supply is capped at 100 million, of which 6% is reserved for pre-sale, 16% for IDO (Initial DEX Offering), 7.5 % for the liquidity pools, 22% for staking, 16% for P2E aspect, and 5% for marketing the project. Fight4Hope’s tokenomics are designed after a thorough analysis of the market dynamics and factors that worked for other similar projects to ensure sustainability and security for investors.

Fight4Hope will soon allow token bridging, thus allowing users to transfer from one chain to another. And it’s coming to the biggest of them all, ERC20, shortly after launch. 

Users are also offered the option to stake their current holdings of F4H and earn a decent passive income. With such a significant share of tokens reserved for staking, players and investors alike are bound to get a high APR. 

Staking, of late, has become the first choice for many since it facilitates easy returns without any active participation or efforts from the investor’s end. 

Fight4Hope is also holding several contests where users stand a chance to win up to 10,000 F4H tokens. 

First is the Referal Contest, where the player who invites the maximum users will win 10,000 tokens while the one placed second receives 9,000, the third on the list will get 8,000, and so on.

There’s also the Killer King Contest, where the top three players who register the maximum kills will be rewarded 10,000 tokens each. And the one with the highest number of kills after the contest ends will receive 50,000 tokens and get crowned as the Killer King.

So go ahead and download Fight4Hope and enjoy the best-ever Battle Royale P2E game in the blockchain space. And make sure to acquire as many F4H tokens for the best gaming experience and increased profits. 

To find out more about Fight 4 Hope, visit the official website:

Also, follow Fight4Hope on all social channels to stay updated with the latest developments, releases, and token sales.





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