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Fantom Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Apr 20, 2022
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Growing demand for the fast, high-throughput smart contract has more and more investors banking on Fantom price prediction as a remedy to cure the short-term hiccups in the market. Fantom is an ally of the blockchain for all revolution.

Building secure, fast, and scalable blockchain solutions is a red-hot business for Fantom crypto price prediction. The race to eclipse Ethereum heats up, and the stars align for FTM price prediction. 

Fantom Price Prediction | Introduction

When making this Fantom price prediction, FTM crypto was trading at $1.21, according to data by CoinStats.App. The coin looks ever more enticing for investors, especially with an attractive market cap of $3.1 billion, fully diluted to $3.8 billion. 

Fantom is an innovative contract platform with a significant role in many sustainable areas of the blockchain economy. FTM coin is well-positioned to benefit from the strong secular drivers in the bullish shift in blockchain adoption both at the retail and institutional levels. 

It is a coin to watch right now. Fantom enjoys several well-known clients in the blockchain space, particularly the DeFi space, cross-chain bridges, lending and borrowing, yield optimization, and NFTs – all growth sectors in the blockchain verse. 

Fantom Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

The pros love value-oriented trades like Fantom price prediction. However, a glimpse of the recent price action reveals proof that market participants are having a field day messing around with this intelligent contract token. Here is a summary of price movements from recent months.

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
March 2022$1.7815$1.4231$2.0717
February 2022$2.0472$1.7811$2.3920
January 2022$2.2555$2.0476$3.3603
December 2021$2.1365$2.2549$2.4479
November 2021$2.8654$2.1397$3.1699
October 2021$1.2064$2.8658$3.4817

FTM coin is testing holders’ patience probably before staging a market-defying rally that will validate their beliefs. The ongoing consolidation will likely end in an uptrend since the FTM coin is flirting around a support area, which was critical in a bullish reversal in 2021. 

Fantom token price action has continued to tighten as it approaches the end of the price convergence setup. A breakout from this level will likely result in a volatile move for Fantom price prediction. 

Fantom Price Prediction

The coin has set up at least two noticeable lower highs and three lower lows in the last price action movements. Connecting these swing points to a trend line creates a falling wedge pattern, which leans bullish. 

This Fantom price prediction forecasts a 25% ascent – a figure arrived at by adding the first FTM swing high and low to the breakout point. For confirmation, FTM will produce a daily candlestick close above $1.40. 

If so, investors can expect a Fantom price prediction with an intended target of $1.65. However, this bullish move has a weakness around $1.44, where the FTM token could pause in an apparent attempt to establish a directional bias. 

Fantom Price Prediction

But, a move beyond $1.44 will allow market markers to harvest the buy-stop liquidity resting above this critical resistance barrier. Beyond this barrier, the upside potential for Fantom price prediction looks capped at $1.65 for now. 

FTM Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

Regardless of the bullish intentions, if the BTC price turns soar and crashes, Fantom price prediction will follow suit. If the resulting downswing sets up a daily candlestick close below $1.05, this price action will create a lower low and invalidate the bullish FTM coin thesis. 

The FTM coin price prediction, in this case, is a continuation to find stable support around $0.9 that absorbs the selling pressure. Here bullish Fantom coin actors will likely attempt to reestablish a new uptrend. 

Fantom Price Prediction: Market Opinion

As long as the rest of 2022 doesn’t play out the way the first quarter did, market participants have all the reasons to hold dear the bullish Fantom price prediction. So here are the thoughts of the pros on the FTM coin. 

FTM Price Forecast for April – May


TradingBeasts Fantom price prediction suggests a bullish reversal in the coming months is highly plausible. The FTM price forecast for April – May is trading on crucial support delivered by $1.04 with upside potential capped at $1.54. 


BitGur Fantom price prediction re-enforces the bullish thesis with a forecast that finds support around $1.18, where FTM crypto could establish a strong advance to make a play on $1.5. This FTM price forecast for April – May will be capped at $2. 

Fantom Price Forecast for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor gives a one-year forecast with an intended target of $3.43. This FTM price forecast for the rest of the year suggests a bullish move is still on the cards despite the threats from selling pressure and holders running out of patience. 


The DigitalCoin FTM crypto price prediction is enthusiastic, predicting the Fantom token could leave a lasting market around $1.49 and $1.61. Traders could capitalize on this exponential rally with a target of $1.69 based on the FTM price forecast for the rest of the year. 

FTM Price Prediction for the Next Year


The Gov.Capital Fantom price prediction is a continuation of the bullish charge with the potential of crossing over $2.95. While the uphill battle lies around $2, a bullish run-up here will set the pace for a solid advance according to the FTM price forecast for the Next Year. 


PricePrediction determines FTM is facing actual bullish odds of a field day in its FTM price forecast for the next year. The prediction eyes support around $1.65 and $1.70, where the bulls will get charged up and ready to storm at $1.90. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

EW-Forecast predicts more pullbacks in the coming weeks. Based on an Elliot Wave Analysis, this Fantom price prediction suggests traders should hold back as the coin moves to confirm stable support for a steady advance sometime in 2022. 

Behrouz_Hosseini_1366 sees stronger support around the $1.17 area building up to be the major catalysts that will see FTM crypto threaten the strength of the resistance barrier at $2. A confirmation will set the stage for getting to $1.9 and beyond. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning FTM

Fantom is testing the limits of its innovative contract platform by integrating breakthroughs from AI technology. It is in testing and revamping scaling solutions and sealing any weaknesses that may arise. Along with the dev community, fantom is working on network upgrades. 

However, power consumption is a point of concern as scaling could threaten the network’s transition and show a preference for environmentally unfriendly energy generation sources. Fantom faces the ultimate test as it seeks to maintain its energy efficiency title. Investors should read about comparisons to other platforms in the coming months.

Here are some of the best exchanges where you can buy Fantom:

Fantom Price Prediction: Verdict

No investment is without risk – Fantom price prediction is no different. This home of smart contracts is growing stronger than ever, but this FTM price prediction reveals reasons to hesitate in buying crypto. 

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