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Every Trader Wants to Know Where His Profit Is

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Mar 21, 2022
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Crypto trading is like military territory. Any experienced fighter knows that the main weapon in any business is careful analysis. This is the only way to build ingenious schemes.

The TraderMake.Money trading diary is your navigator in the trading field. In any situation, you will not be at a loss and will not make mistakes if you know profitable algorithms. Yes, ingenuity and improvisation play a role, but they don’t work without power.

How it works: add API keys for all your accounts and you can quickly track all statistics in one place. Track which of your decisions bring income, what you earned on the last successful trades – identify a profitable algorithm of actions. Notice the erroneous moments – these will be stoplights or a “black list of special actions.” Forewarned is forearmed. This improves the quality of trading for professional traders and makes it possible for beginners to start successfully.

In the TraderMake.Money journal, you can customize all the metrics and graphics. Set the colors that are convenient and pleasant for you. It trades much better that way. In addition, we have the option of “mentoring” – free analysis and advice from professional crypto traders for all users of the magazine (on the “Trader” tariff and above).

The uniqueness of TraderMake.Money journal lies in the tools that make trading efficient and safe:

the telegram bot will show a report on your trades, notify you about the execution of the order, the closing of the trade and display the amount of profit. You can also share your results and get advice and support here.

risk management will not let you get too excited: set the parameters, and the trader’s diary will highlight the trades in which you did not comply with the RM. Telegram will receive a notification that will tell you when to stop trading and take a break!

Join and raise your crypto profits with TraderMake.Money journal.

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