EthMiner Review: Scam or Not?

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Feb 19, 2018
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What it EthMiner?

EthMiner is a technical platform that generates Bitcoins. All you have to do is put your personal computer to work for you. These devices will solve hard cryptographic puzzles. If the number of miners is increasing, then the software needs more power – that’s why to get a bitcoin nowadays you need huge servers and more time to process data.

Is EthMiner a scam or not?

There are many reviews about this method to get richer. Some of miners have bad opinions about it, they think it’s a waste of time, because Ethminer doesn’t process the data as fast as they were thinking it should. Somebody gained 0.4 dollars per day and he thought it’s enough for him. There are many opinions related to refreshing the site, so make sure your processing is not counting down, because you will start from the beginning.

It’s true, there are many ghost sites that are taking money from miners. Some reviews are getting worse when somebody comes to the forum and says that he or she gained BTC and even changed them to real money. However, there is no proof that an anonymous person really tells the truth. There is no 100% credibility in this platform.  Also, the person that risked money to buy 1 ETH and gained, per day, 0.2 eth – doesn’t suggest you to invest everything you have in this website.

Maybe it’s about each person’s luck or maybe the platform really doesn’t work, but somehow not everybody has to count their achievements. You should know that EthMiner has a 59% trust rating, but we still can’t affirm that it has really good intentions.


The recommendation is not to start by yourself. Before you think to invest in a project, find websites that prove these platforms are not fake or scams. There are a lot of instructions that you need to read before putting your PC work for yourself.

Otherwise, there are two sides: the lucky one is when your expectations are proved by reality and the other side is when you lose every cent. You shouldn’t put your trust in these technical platforms.

Bitcoin seems to get up very fast, that’s why the competition is getting stiffer on the technological market. The head of this platform should keep his word and give to miners the deserved amount. Search on google information about the platform, inform on forums about it, but do not make the same mistakes as others.

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