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Easy Profits and Traders with World Markets’ AI-Managed Trading Accounts

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May 11, 2020
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World Markets is an online broker that offers a wide array of trading options for assets, such as gold, Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and many others, combining the power of artificial intelligence with the knowledge of professional trading analysts to bring its traders the best results.

World Markets Origins

World Markets was first established in 2003 and initially in bullion and gold trading. Over its long tenure of 17 years, the platform has greatly diversified its products, including its portfolio commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, security tokens, and indices.

The broker has both AI-based managed accounts and trader operated accounts that allow retail and professional investors to use the machine and human intelligence to get great returns even in turbulent market times.

The website stated that it had made 100% of compound profits just during the course of the past quarter, irrespective of the market’s movements.

Through its partnerships with BitMEX and HYCM, World Markets provides users with the opportunity of trading and leveraging cryptocurrencies.

The AI Managed Account

In recent times, all financial markets have been going through a bearish period, which triggered a massive sell-off fueled by investor panic. But amidst this bear market, AI Trading System was able to produce higher returns than other traditional assets and traders.

And the numbers back this up, as, during January 2020, the artificial intelligence-based trading algorithm created a return of 23.7%.

Only the top algorithms are implemented in the AI Managed Account, enabling its users to automatically trade millions of dollars. The signals sourced from this algorithm are analyzed by World Markets’ expert analysts before placing the trades for the investor. Traders also have the ability to monitor their trading performance via the MQL trading dashboard.

Account Limits

In order to open an AI-managed, trading account, there is a minimum deposit limit of 5,000EUR. Also, you can opt to open a trial account and make a lower deposit of $2,500EUR, but to keep it, you will have to upgrade it within the next 30 days.

Types of Accounts and Fees

Traders can open on World Markets two types of AI Managed trading accounts – Standard Account and Gold Premier Account.

The Standard Account had a minimum deposit of $5000/€5000, where traders will be charged with a 20% Profit Performance Fee and a 1% Annual Management Fee.

The Gold Premier Account requires a minimum deposit of $25000/ €25000, where a 10% Profit Performance Fee and a 1% Annual Management Fee will be charged by the company.

The broker has a transparent fee mechanism, as there are no upfront fees, no rebates or mark-ups applied to the spreads. The owners of the accounts do not have to pay their performance-based fees repeatedly, as the broker operates on a high-water mark principle, with the fees being subtracted only from the profits and there are no fees charged if the trader made a losing trade/s.

Supported Payments

Users can fund their accounts by using two cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum, or they can make fiat deposits through Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, WebMoney, and Wire Transfer.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

World Markets traders can buy, sell, or trade cryptos via BitMex, a top crypto exchange according to daily volumes. This way, you can trade from your account a variety of coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Cardano, Tron, ETH Classic, and more at a maximum leverage of 50x.

Account Security

The safety of user funds and data is of great importance for the broker, and thus, they implemented various security measures.

The company uses the latest account trading software to keep the losses of bad trades at a minimum low.

Accounts are also protected from hacks and breaches by having 2-Factor Authentication and military-grade encryption. The only person who can make withdrawals from your account is you, as the team has “trade-only” access to view the performance of the assets.

The funds held by the company are stored by Tier-1 Liquidity Providers and Banks to offer the utmost security.

Referral Program

Users can also benefit from a substantial affiliate program bonus by bringing new clients to the platform. You receive a 50% cut from the fees the company charges from your referrals. There will be no additional fees imposed on the referral clients, as the amount is taken from their current fee structure.

Also, for every 10 accounts that you refer to, World Markets will reward you with a 1oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar.

Moreover, you can opt for an upfront commission on deposits. It should be noted that to receive the upfront commission, the new users must have the account open for at least a minimum of 60 days.

Customer Support

World Markets has a solid support system which can be readily accessed by its users worldwide. There are currently 43 phone numbers from various countries listed on the website that traders can use to call the customer desk support.

There is also the option to contact the support staff via email by sending it to [email protected] or by filling out the contact available on the site.

When it comes to response times, the team moves very fast, responding to emails within 1-2 hours. The desk support can be reached from Sunday 21:00 GMT to Friday 21:00 GMT, and all crypto-related trading questions are answered at all times.


With almost 17 years in the trading business, World Markets has established itself as a reputable and trustworthy broker. Its AI Managed Accounts is an outstanding feature that gives investors the necessary tools to enrich their profits in a multitude of assets.

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