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DomainBam – The Ultimate Domain Name Generator for Your Cryptocurrency Sites

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Mar 6, 2019
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Considering the rise of cryptocurrency related websites, it has become increasingly difficult to find a worthy domain name for a new brand in the industry, and the search for the perfect one in a clogged and fast-growing niche can very quickly become a frustrating or even excruciating experience.

This is especially for one in which many others had already browsed, scraped and registered all of the most obvious and most optimum names out there, with the most common keywords and terms in the book. And we all know how important this factor is for a business. An URL is the storefront of a website and e-commerce. So, you’ll obviously want one that will reflect the energy and meaning of your business profile.

Sadly, as you will start hunting for your domain name, trying one combination of words after another, you will quickly find yourself with the feeling that you are hitting a wall, as you’ll start to get accustomed to seeing the word ‘taken’ next to the names you were hoping to be available. Whether we are talking about e-commerce, marketing, news or any other category of websites, all of the best names will seem to have been picked already. Or so it seems…

DomainBam is a domain name generator service that helps you climb that obstacle and give an exciting twist to the unavoidable domain name search stage. The tool is extremely simple to use and very fast in terms of efficiency. How does it work? Simply enter one or several keyword(s) related to your activity, company, brand or a whatever word you would want to appear in your URL. After, click enter and, as the name of the app says: “Bam”! You will immediately be given hundreds or thousands of suggestions of available domain names, all shiny, catchy, clean, and ready to be registered. More than just a basic domain availability tool, DomainBam will literally generate your brand name.

That free domain name generator tool also offers filters that will help you shape your name like a scalpel. Among these, you will be able to select the number of additional terms you would like to appear in your URL, in addition to your keyword(s), helping you set the length of the domain name. Or choose whether you wish to see your keyword(s) appearing at the beginning or at the end of the domain name you would like to find.

All of that, with the idea that in the game of our industry, the quality of the moniker of a company and its web domain are of the highest importance. A good one can give a substantial impression, while a bad one can send potential visitors and clients to the competition. With DomainBam, you will now stand on the starting block with a gigantic upper-hand. And every time you are creating a new brand and are in need of a domain name, save yourself time and the headache of looking for the perfect gem blindly and get for the first instinct to go to DomainBam.

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