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DIMPAY’s ICO Will Change the Cryptocurrency Payment Industry

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Dec 9, 2017
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What does DIMPAY do?

DIMPAY is a global decentralized payment platform that aims to provide those without access to bank services an alternative solution.

The platform is based on the NEM protocol, a technology which makes it an affordable, fast and secure environment for online financial transactions. There will be no need for a third party ledger to act as an intermediate for these transactions, and the overall payment process is practically error free.

How does the DIM Ecosystem work?

DIMPAY is an ongoing project of the DIM Foundation which will act independently from other components of the DIM Ecosystem. This independence from DIM Foundations exists so that the DIM Ecosystems keeps its decentralized character at an operational level. The Dim Ecosystem can be accessed through the HYBRID Stock Exchange, an online platform built for trading stock and cryptocurrencies, and WISE, an exchange that converts fiat currencies into DIM currencies and other cryptocurrencies as well as the digitalization of assets.


DIMPAY is comprised of DEPOTWALLET, mobile DEPOTWALLET and the DIM Debit Card.

The DEPOTWALLET is a blockchain based wallet that can be used by its owner to perform various transactions with its cryptocurrencies and crypto assets.

The mobile DEPOTWALLET is just like the web wallet, but compatible on mobile devices. The app will make its debut by being launched in beta form, then after subsequent testing it will have more advanced security system and more implemented updates.

DIM Debit Card

The DIM Debit Card will enable the users to change their DIMCOINS and cryptocurrencies into DIM currencies. With these DIM currencies, card owners can make buys from brick and mortar merchants and online stores.

Private Account

The Private account ensures that the user will retain complete control over his electronic finances and assets. This account will enable you to make payments regardless of your location, thus eliminating the need for physical funds.

Business Account

This account will allow user from the business sector to track and monitor their inventory and financial transactions. The account holder can make invoices, receive notifications, make salary and expense payments, and receive invoice status updates.

Details about the ICO

The developmental process of the DIMPAY project is dependent on financing. This event encourages the crypto community to reach out and support the growth of this payment platform.

The start date for this ICO is the 7th of December and it will last up until the 18th of December.

The maximum target hoped to be reached is 1,500 BTC (Bitcoins). There is a required minimum to be purchased to enter the event and it is 1 DIMCOIN. There is no maximum purchase threshold.

The currencies that will be accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEM.

The available bonuses are:

  • 25% (35% for those using NEM cryptocurrency) date: 4th -6th of December
  • 10% (20% for those using NEM cryptocurrency) date: 7th -12th of December
  • 5% (15% for those using NEM cryptocurrency) date: 13th -18th of December

DIMPAY will most likely see positive growths with this coin offering release, both in the marketing and business department.

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