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CryptoGames News Addition: Keno

CryptoGames News Addition: Keno!

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Jun 8, 2022
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If Lottery-like games excite you then you will be thrilled to know about the absolute gem CryptoGames has freshly launched at the casino. Keno is a classic game that is very much similar to Lottery. In this game, players will have to draw numbers they predict will be the final result. Keno at CryptoGames is designed to be a simple game where 10 numbers are drawn from a pool of 40. Along with this newly launched game, the casino has been hosting 9 other casino games on the website. For anyone who is not familiar with CryptoGames, it is a legitimate Curacao-based casino that is fully operated in cryptocurrencies under the ownership of MuchGaming B.V. The casino now has 10 effortlessly lightweight and device compatible games that can be played with 10 of the most widely known cryptocurrencies around the internet. CryptoGames entertainment sector is not only rich with fun but also equipped with the modern versions of casino games. It is also secured and layered with an incomparable swift transaction system.

Now, coming back to the new star of the casino, Keno, let’s take a deeper look at the game.

About CryptoGames Version of Keno

As mentioned above, Keno is a Lottery like game that is offered in modern crypto casinos. Keno’s modern crypto version is visually sleek and as always extremely lightweight. The design of the game consists of a poll of numbers from 1 to 40. The players have to pick 10 numbers from the field. It is not always necessary that they pick exactly 10 numbers as there is an option to choose 1 to 10 numbers out of 40. By picking these numbers, players guess what the outcomes will be. After the players make their guesses, they have to hit Start. The field will show X on the numbers that are the winning numbers and if the players’ numbers match then they will show the classic cloverleaf (CryptoGames symbol) on the tiles. The players will be rewarded according to the payout multipliers that respond to how many numbers the players predicted correctly. In short, here are the steps that you have to follow to play Keno:

  1. First, enter the number of credits you would like to bet for the round. This can be done by clicking on the bet size section (+ or – buttons), the minimum amount here is 10 credits. Players who will use Play Money to test the game will be able to play with a minimum of 10 credits and a maximum amount of 1,200,000,000 credits. Here, 10 credits = 10 Play Money.
  2. The second step is to click on the numbers the players think will come up in the result. This way they will be predicting the numbers that will win.

(There is a special feature made exclusively for Keno that selects the squares randomly. Players can also choose the number of squares to be selected by the feature. By pressing on the ‘Random’ button players can shuffle the selected squares again.)

  • After finalizing the squares, players have to “Start” the game.

 Any winning squares correctly predicted will be revealed as CryptoGames symbol, the golden clover leaf. The field will also show the other non-selected winning squares with an X symbol. 

Auto Bet for Keno

Using CryptoGames’ immensely helpful Auto Bet feature has been added into this game as well. The auto bet feature in Keno will run a number of bets for the squares the players follow. The feature will allow the player to customize their bets for different settings. You can edit the number of bets, in case of win or loss, players can change the bet. They can easily decrease or increase the percentage of their bet by clicking on the buttons. The players can even stop or continue their bets on the change of balance.

Cryptocurrencies Offered for Keno

CryptoGames now has 10 well-known cryptocurrencies for all kinds of transactions. All its games can be accessed with the 10 available cryptocurrencies. Apart from those, there is Play Money, CryptoGames’ in-house currency which allows the players to use it for testing the games. For all fully registered players, these cryptocurrencies will be available for use:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Monero
  • Dash
  • GAS
  • Solana

Transaction System for Keno

For the highest convenience, CryptoGames has brought 2 transaction methods to the casino. The traditional methods allow all registered players to deposit, exchange, and withdraw any of their listed 10 cryptocurrencies. Then to enhance the value of time, transaction cost, and efficiency, CryptoGames included two modern systems to support the transaction systems. One is, fiat currency deposits completed by using credit cards, and the other is crypto to crypto exchanges.

For players who want to rely on modern methods, the services will be provided through Onramper and ChangeNow. Among various crypto users, ChangeNow is considered to be more convenient and flexible since it allows global users to use different cryptocurrencies to access the websites. The latest exchange method enables the players to change any cryptocurrencies of their use to the listed 10 at CryptoGames. This means, that even if the player is a user of any Cryptocurrency not listed at the casino, they can still exchange it for any of the listed ones through ChangeNow. On the other hand, BTC and ETH users at CryptoGames can make deposits of their fiat currencies through credit cards via Onramper. The third-party aggregator offers a wide number of fiat currencies that can be deposited from anywhere in the world using credit cards. More information on these systems can be found on their respective websites.

Sign Up If You Haven’t

 To start playing at CryptoGames, players go through an easy, and free sign-up process that is cleared in an instant. All the players have to do is put in a user name and proceed to agree to the terms and conditions of the casino. This means the initial registration can be completed within 2 steps. If a new player starts to navigate the casino from the Play Now tab, then they will find Dice as their first game.  There the players can pick any cryptocurrency that they would like to play with including Play Money. When the registration pop-up will appear, players must create a user name.  Then move on to agree to the terms and conditions. The basic registration can be done without paying any sort of registration fees. This means, along with Keno, 9 other games can be played with Play Money. However, securing their accounts with password protection and adding an email address opens up the casino fully. This means, that all users who have completely set up their accounts, get to make any kind of transactions at any time for playing at the casino. 

Play Keno in a Secured Environment

All gamblers at CryptoGames enjoy their time at the casino without worrying about their fund safety. CryptoGames security system incorporates measures like SSL encryption and googles 2FA features. These measures ensure that no withdrawal is passed without proper verification. Players also get additional security through email verification. They are in full control of any kind of withdrawals. This means they must provide permission for every withdrawal made from their accounts. Therefore, even when 2FA is disabled, every withdrawal attempt will send an email to the account holder for thorough verification.

Fair Keno Bets

For all of its games, CryptoGames ensures unadulterated processing. Every bet that the players make in the games, will be free of cheating or any unfair means. CryptoGames strictly follows fair gambling policies for everyone. The casino has enabled a Provably Fair gambling policy into their system to allow the players to track and confirm all their bet results using the hashes and seeds. The casino has added clear guidelines on how to use the hashes and seeds.

Keno in Monthly Events

Every month CryptoGames hosts betting competitions where gamblers participate to engage themselves in the unending fun. They get to play the games with the goal to win the amazing VIP privileges for one month, up until the next event starts. In the monthly events, players get to partake in all the games the casino offers for a bigger prize. As Keno is the latest addition to the casino, it will be offered alongside the other games for monthly betting events. This means they can now play Keno to enjoy the thrill of participating against skilled gamblers and win various great month-long privileges!

Enhanced Experience with Keno and Many More

From what we have discussed above, it is clear that adding Keno to the list of games has leveled up CryptoGames entertainment services. Apart from having the most engaging games in the casino, it continues to offer many more services for adding more to the gambling experience. Over anything else, CryptoGames think of offering unmatched gambling policies that focus on their safety issues as well as promoting gambling most responsibly. The casino makes the players on the website follow their “Responsible Gambling” policies to prevent negative effects. It also has many other rewarding features that players can find all while playing their latest game, Keno. Along with 9 other games in the casino, Keno is definitely an incredibly fun game that can be a great choice for beginner-level gamblers. To conclude, we can say that, CryptoGames’ reputation as the most beginner-friendly gambling spot became more legit with the introduction of their latest addition, Keno. Therefore, without fearing any loss of your real funds register yourself in the most trustworthy online crypto casino today and start playing Keno with a community of responsible crypto gamblers.

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