Cryptocurrency and Software Development
Cryptocurrency and Software Development

How Cryptocurrency and Software Development Are Changing the Future

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Nov 1, 2022
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We live and breathe technology every single day. Millennials saw how the world transformed into a global digital village where new rules about life, in general, were created. The Z-generation was born amid the transformation, and they are now reflecting and thriving virtually – focused on using technology to survive, enjoy life, and make money.

Fast-forwarding to the present, and we can see cryptocurrency is making severe changes in an online world constructed with software development processes. 

We are talking about a global phenomenon that has swept the world off its feet, and even though you might think the whole concept behind crypto is still vague, this evolving technology is here to stay. 

Just consider the fact that the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, is deeply involved with cryptocurrency and advocates for the swirling possibilities of this new financial system. 

What does this tell you about the future of cryptocurrency? Can these trustless systems win over the practicality of the traditional physical currencies, or will they rise above the overall dependency?

The truth is that people analyze and discuss the possibility at this very moment. Competent people from all over the world, Commissioners, and Professors at world-known Universities are talking about the idea of a Brave New World where digitalization is put at the core of existence. 

So far, the conclusion is the same: the sooner we accept that inevitable changes are coming with the combo of cryptocurrency and software development, the sooner we get to keep up with the pace of business success. 

Let’s take a closer look at the concept and why it matters to understand how the two can work together to enable a better tomorrow.

Software Developers Are Crucial

Software developers are the heroes of today. Their work results in the facilitation of every person’s life routines and habits, and moreover, it helps develop people’s businesses. It’s safe to say that software developers are actually the backstage masterminds that make everything happen so that you as a user get all the necessary information in a few seconds. 

In essence, software development is creating and maintaining frameworks, apps, and many other software components by conceiving, outlining, programming, bug fixing, testing, and more. We can literally say that without software developers, the world today would be totally different, or it would not exist in this manner at all. 

In addition, it is vital to hire a developer who knows the ins and outs of their field to vouch for the project’s success. With promising software development, each project can open a world of possibilities. 

Software and cryptocurrency: what’s the starting point of this combo?

Let’s get back to the moment where we expressed how skepticism clouds the popularity of this new financial system. The same way people are now being skeptical about cryptocurrency, they used to feel about software development.
People believed that using different methodologies for each development project would be a major cause of developer burnout. It was assumed that in order for software development to work, clear and precise requirements were the key to success, including a carefully designed architecture.

However, it turned out to be quite the opposite. Developers are one of the most needed employees worldwide. Their driven passion for project success is based on that singularity: the possibility to do things their own way or think outside the box, if you may. The same goes with cryptocurrency – it is becoming part of our lives and is paving its way to success with its own rules and conditions.

Cryptocurrency Is the Future 

Cryptocurrency Is the Future 

Cryptocurrency is defined as a form of digital currency made to be used as a medium of exchange. A cryptographic technology secures the transactions, and it also influences when and how a new cryptocurrency is made. 

The main reason why it is becoming more and more popular is that it already promises better economic stability and financial security. The biggest argument of how valuable it is becoming is the fact that some people are already planning cryptocurrency as a retirement idea even now. 

And even though people think that it won’t stand the test of time, quite the contrary, crypto is just getting started. 

Furthermore, there are already big companies where you can pay with crypto. Believe it or not, you can even buy Dallas Mavericks tickets to watch an NBA game. The owner Mark Cuban is a crypto enthusiast that has been accepting crypto payments for more than two years now.

Also, according to a 2020 study by HSB, which is a cyber insurance company, around 36% of medium and even small businesses are already accepting cryptocurrency payments. 

So, it is just a matter of time before many major companies accept this undeniable future process. In the end, we will all realize that the world is changing in a significant manner. 

Software Developers Leveling Up to Crypto 

There are many reasons why software development and cryptocurrency will continue to work perfectly together. Some of the most promising parts for crypto in the future include various segments that will entirely change the future. Most of them are altogether logical, like the following ones:

  • When most businesses will accept crypto for payment
  • When other educational or any type of institutions connected with some kind of payment will accept crypto
  • When people will realize that it is a highly promising idea of payment

There will probably be more angles where both software development and crypto will become partners, but the one part that is valuable even now is blockchain technology.

software development company may use blockchain in many ways, and many new exciting roles are becoming available for software developers in the blockchain industry. So, in essence, they can become blockchain developers, which is a position that is becoming one of the leading job positions in the industry. That is why here we will see some exciting positions that merge software developers with crypto.

First and foremost, it is valuable to mention that software developers can also be blockchain developers. They are similar because if you have a software developer education, you will only need some specialized courses on blockchain technology. 

But, in general, if you know the basics of this world, it is a huge advantage. In addition, programming languages like Python, JavaScript, SQL are widely used in crypto platforms.

 So, you can quickly jump into this world and start learning more. To dive deeper into this niche, let’s see some of the key positions in the blockchain industry:

Decentralized Apps Developer

Decentralization makes apps transparent, and if someone makes a change, the whole system will know. 

As we all use centralized apps on our current devices, the apps will crash if the server crashes. Not so long ago, Facebook had gone through the longest outage due to centralization. 

Decentralized apps are resistant to that since they work on top of a decentralized environment, are stored in a multitude of network nodes, and don’t have a single point of failure. 

That is why dapp developers will be more popular on the market. Furthermore, these apps can be developed to be controlled by the community using it rather than a sole administrator. 

Core Blockchain and Back-End Developer

Software developers can create tools and programs. Some can also develop sites and apps. It is quite the same with blockchain developers that can make structures like build various cryptocurrency platforms or whole ecosystems with multitude o utilities.

Core blockchain developers and back-end developers build and also manage systems for other developers. As a result, they better understand all the technical parts and build the basics where the apps will lay. 

So, in essence, the decentralized app developers and smart contract engineers depend on core blockchain and back-end developers and their design. 

Smart Contract Engineer

Last but not least, smart contracts are digital agreements that fulfill themselves when the terms are met. 

Smart contracts by themselves will make a massive change in the way we make transactions granting the possibility for two sides that make a deal to not rely on a third party for safety and assurance.

These contracts are becoming more and more popular as time goes by. Believe it or not, more and more dapps come out with real-life utilities like real estate, banking, even insurance.

Final Words

It is evident that cryptocurrency is the future and that software development can and will be an enormous part of the process. The best thing is that developers have already gone half of the way to becoming blockchain developers. And it is even more exciting that we can see how the technology world can always go a step further in improvement.

It is undeniable that we need to start learning more about it now, and there is no point in denying that the future brings some fantastic aspects that will once again change our lives. 

Software development and cryptocurrency will collide, and the online world will become even more present than it already is all across the physical world.

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