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KOLnet IMO’s 

Crypto Marketing Evolution Through KOLnet IMO’s 

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Mar 11, 2022
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As the current crypto marketing field is filled with dynamics that favor the big “Key opinion leaders” (KOLs) and leave little for small and passionate voices within the crypto community otherwise known as Micro KOLs. KOLnet or as previously known – Protokol, has taken upon itself to revolutionize the world of crypto marketing.

To achieve this goal KOLnet has created the “Initial marketing offering” (IMO)

This is a new way to raise funds through target marketing in which investors providing value will be able to participate. KOLnet is decentralized marketing.

What Is KOLnet?

KOLnet is a Marketing Launchpad connecting projects to Micro KOLs by utilizing multichain token pools and Proof of Marketing.

Why KOLnet

The current IDO model has proven to be successful within the DeFi community and has brought amazing results for participants.

However, there is an asymmetry in the rewards investors receive. In IDOs, public investors that hold a huge amount of tokens are the ones who most of the time can get the whitelisting privileges, leaving private investors such as KOLs at a disadvantage. 

This is unfortunate as KOLs and especially micro-KOLs have a dedicated interest in the success of a project, making them better value investors. If said micro-KOLs were prioritized as investors, the marketing of the projects would be greatly improved. This is what IMOs intend to do.

A Goal to Revolutionize Crypto Marketing

Tackling the problem of inefficient and unfair rewards for micro- KOLs is seen as just a first step in KOLnet’s plan. The goal is to create a technological framework that would allow projects to connect with their communities in a more transparent and controlled way. Thus creating an environment in crypto marketing, that champions transparency and protects communities while also allowing projects to efficiently utilize their marketing budgets. As a testament to the strength of KOLnets vision, Thorstarter has announced that they will be launching the KOLnet IDO.

To do this KOLnet went through a rebrand from the otherwise known Protokol as the team felt that expanding their scope from just KOL rewards into a full restructure of crypto marketing technology deserved a fresh new look which can be enjoyed in their new website. 

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