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CoolWallet S Review: How Cool is This Hardware Wallet?

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Nov 8, 2018
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As a crypto holder or trader, security should trump all other priorities when it comes to storage solutions. And, when it comes to securing your cryptocurrencies, there’s no better solution than hardware wallets.

Up until recently, serious crypto holders had three main options on the market: Ledger Nano S, Trezor (or the newer Trezor Model T), and KeepKey. Together, these three covered almost every crypto holder or trader’s needs. Both Ledger Nano S and Trezor impress with their small sizes, hardcore security features, as well as incredible coin and token support, while KeepKey, even though it can’t directly compete in terms of features with the two, is without a doubt the most stylish of the bunch.

Even though it has the most business-like looks, the sleekest design, and the biggest screen of them all, what if you wanted something that’s even more stylish? Something cool, maybe?

The answer comes in the form of CoolWallet S, a credit-card-like hardware wallet that proves the word cool has its own place in the cryptosphere. The CoolWallet S is the newest version of wallets from the CoolBitX company. It was launched in 2018, almost two years after the original CoolWallet hit the shelves.


We’ll start with the wallet’s features because, after all, a crypto hardware wallet should be practical and secure, above all else. The first thing you should know is the fact that CoolWallet S does not connect to your computer via USB, but with the help of technologies such as Bluetooth. The wallet’s features can be accessed via its bespoke Android and iOS smartphone apps that make use of NFC (near field communication) technology to establish communication.

In terms of crypto support, the wallet is not what you would call stellar, but if not a die-hard trader that works with hundreds of coins and tokens, it should be right for you. CoolWallet S allows you to store Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and some ERC-20 tokens.

As mentioned before, security is the main selling point of hardware wallets, and it’s safe to say that CoolWallet S does not disappoint. It features an eAL5+ certified SE microchip for storing your private keys, encrypted Bluetooth technology, two-factor authentication, multiple confirmation transactions, hierarchical deterministic hardware to make the backup and recovery processes simple. Additionally, the wallet allows you to set the security level. When creating a new wallet, you can generate a new seed depending on your desired security level (you can choose from seeds with 12, 18, or 24 number sets).

Does it live up to its name?

The short answer is, yes. To put it simply, CoolWallet S is definitely a cool wallet because it manages to boast all the advantages one might expect from a hardware wallet, all while resembling a credit card with a slick and classy-looking black and gold design.

Halfway down the right side of the slim, card-like wallet, there’s a single multi-function button, which can be used for powering on the device, for changing the displayed cryptocurrency, as well as for confirming commands.

The packaging is also something noteworthy. CoolWallet S comes in a black and gold-themed box which includes a USB connector, a user manual, a recovery card, a logo sticker, the wallet itself, and even a personal message from CEO Michael Ou printed in gold lettering.

According to the company, the card is also very rugged as it is waterproof, tamper-proof, impact resistant, heat/cold resistant, and bendable up to 15 degrees which, considering how it looks is nothing short of praiseworthy. Even though it was somewhat expensive when it came out (at least compared to its main competitors), nowadays, CoolWallet S can be with the same money as any of the three hardware wallets mentioned at the beginning of this article.


At the end of the day, CoolWallet S might not be for everyone. However, if the somewhat limited support for cryptocurrencies is not a problem for you, and convenience, professional and robust design, top-notch security features, and sublime smartphone integration are more important, then there’s nothing better and cooler than the CoolWallet S currently on the market.

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