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Metamask Customer Support

Need to Contact Metamask Customer Support? Here is how!

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May 20, 2024
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If you’re encountering issues with your MetaMask account and are seeking assistance, you’ve landed in the right spot. This guide simplifies and clarifies how you can get in touch with MetaMask’s customer support team, whether through email, live chat, or even Twitter.

However, paying attention is important when seeking assistance outside MetaMask’s official channels. Always verify the authenticity of your request and the source to avoid risking your personal information and data.

In summary, contacting MetaMask can be straightforward, safe, and secure, ensuring you can efficiently resolve any issues with your digital wallet. So, let’s find out how to contact them.

1. Contact Metamask Customer Support by Email

MetaMask is dedicated to providing its users with comprehensive customer support through various channels, including email. Whenever you need assistance with from customer service, you can easily reach out to them using the legitimate email addresses provided: or

After you have contacted MetaMask customer support, you should be careful against phishing attempts. Because scammers will find their way to you, and if you will be in contact with any emails asking you to “verify” or “confirm” your account, especially if they seem urgent, you should not respond or send them any information about your account. Scammers often use these tactics to try and compromise your security. Always double-check the sender’s email address, and if it isn’t one of the following, do not answer them:

It’s important to note that MetaMask does not automatically have your email address unless you ensure you’ve specifically submitted it for a support ticket. Remember that MetaMask does not collect personal identifying information like names or email addresses, and neither they can’t create a new wallet, which means they cannot contact you directly unless you specifically request it.

These days, unexpected emails are common. Be cautious, especially if you get or send an email from an unfamiliar address, especially if you have an open ticket with MetaMask. Sometimes, scammers pretend to be support teams, trying to trick users into giving them their Secret Recovery Phrases. Remember, MetaMask will never ask users for this sensitive information. Always protect your data.

2. Reach Out via Live Chat

Beyond email, another way to connect to MetaMask is through their live chat feature. This option is conveniently located in the “Support” section of the MetaMask website or on

Chat with support

Once you navigate this area, simply look for a button or link that says “Chat with Support.” By clicking on this, you can instantly initiate a conversation with a representative. This live chat service is designed to provide users with a quicker way to resolve their issues or get answers to their questions, making getting help as smooth and efficient as possible. MetaMask offers customer service through live chat to ensure quick assistance.

If you encounter an issue requiring detailed assistance, providing as much input as possible when contacting MetaMask is helpful. This includes describing the problem and any error messages you received. This information can help the support team investigate and resolve your issue more efficiently.

3. Reach Out to Metamask on Twitter

MetaMask has a verified Twitter account where they share important information to help you use the platform effectively. You can get updates, tips, and security alerts there.

Remember, MetaMask will never contact you directly about your case on Twitter. This is to protect your privacy and security. Scammers often pretend to be MetaMask and ask for sensitive information or private keys. Knowing that MetaMask won’t contact you through Twitter can help you avoid these scams.

Always follow the official MetaMask channels and verify any information or requests through the official MetaMask website.

MetaMask Support

5. Beware of Scammers!

MetaMask is a free digital wallet for web and mobile users. It stores, manages, and trades various cryptocurrencies and tokens, especially those within the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem and decentralized applications (dApps). It provides easy access to your Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, allowing seamless interaction with decentralized platforms. Contact MetaMask through their official email or Twitter account if you need assistance. They also have a community platform for user inquiries.

Official channels will never initiate contact through direct messages or Reddit. Scammers often impersonate MetaMask, so only use official channels and be cautious of unsolicited assistance requests, especially those asking for sensitive information like your secret recovery phrase. MetaMask’s approach is designed to protect users from scams. Being informed and cautious about seeking assistance can enhance your experience and security when using this digital wallet for cryptocurrency and token transactions and interactions with decentralized applications.

For future steps regarding any issue, it’s recommended to first search the help center. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, posting in the community forums can be helpful as other users may have experienced similar issues and can offer advice. Always investigate the source of any reply you receive concerning your inquiry. 

MetaMask offers comprehensive and user-focused customer service. The help center search is a valuable tool for answering common questions. This knowledge base allows users to quickly input their queries and get relevant information.


How to message MetaMask support?

You can contact MetaMask through the chat accessed through the’ Start a Conversation’ button on their Support landing page. This is their main channel for support communication.

Is MetaMask support safe?

Yes, MetaMask support is generally considered safe, but always ensure you’re using official channels for help and be cautious of phishing attempts.

How do I contact MetaMask?

You can contact MetaMask through their live chat or via email. The live chat option is conveniently located in the “Support” section of the MetaMask website or on You can also reach out to them using the legitimate email addresses provided: or


In conclusion, MetaMask provides multiple ways for users to seek assistance with their digital wallet, ensuring a safe and efficient experience. By staying vigilant against potential scams, utilizing official channels, and leveraging resources like the help center and community forums, users can confidently navigate any issues while safeguarding their personal information and assets.

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