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CoinRabbit Review: How to Profit From Hodling Your Crypto?

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Jan 13, 2021
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The problem with Bitcoin stashes in your crypto wallet is that you can’t use them if you have a long-term investment strategy. Selling your Bitcoin today for immediate satisfaction would bring you joy in the short term, but you are likely to lose great profits in the future that you’ve been counting on. 

How to avoid the temptation to sell Bitcoin for quick pleasure? How to persuade yourself not to cash out while BTC is hitting new all-time highs? 

Here’s the answer — you don’t have to sell Bitcoin or Ethereum to make it work for you now. There’s a way to get some digital cash for your current needs without selling any single Satoshi. 

Let us introduce you to instant crypto loans. Here’s how they work: you entrust a crypto lending platform to currently store your Bitcoin or Ethereum in secure storage, and get a cryptocurrency loan with stablecoins (USDT or USDC) for whatever need you to have. Stablecoin is a flexible asset that you can exchange, trade, invest, or simply cash out for USD and buy something. 

The whole process takes 10 minutes and doesn’t require any credit checks — simply show your Bitcoin and get the money. Whenever you feel like returning your Bitcoin, contact the crypto lending service, repay your loan plus a small interest, and get your Bitcoin back immediately without any questions.   

This is how CoinRabbit works. We believe that users should have an opportunity to enjoy their Bitcoin not just by staring at the balance in their wallets, but by making the most of it here and now. We only live once! 

Why Should I Trust You?

The path described above might seem too good to be true. Here might be some of your questions: How do you ensure secure storage of funds? Is this legal? If Bitcoin goes up, will you not take my profit? 

Here are our answers:

  • Storage security. For security reasons, we can’t tell you how and where exactly we store funds, but here’s the hint: we’re in close partnership with ChangeNOW crypto exchange service and Guarda non-custodial crypto wallet — trusted platforms that have been on the market for quite a while and share their experience and infrastructure with us. 
  • Legal compliance. CoinRabbit complies with all the regulations that exist out there in the crypto space. ChageNOW’s risk management system helps us fight money laundering by freezing malicious transactions. 
  • We don’t take profits from your Bitcoin. No matter how high it goes, you will receive your crypto back at the current rate.  

Why CoinRabbit? 

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Now that we’ve covered security concerns, the following pack of questions is arising: Why exactly should I use your service? How is it better than the other Bitcoin loan platforms? 

We’ve got it covered! 

  • Unlimited loan periods with no monthly interest payments. You get your loan for however long you want, and you only pay the interest when you decide to take your Bitcoin back.
  • Only now — a 5% yearly interest. Take your chance to grab a loan at the best rate! 5% is far lower than other Bitcoin lending platforms charge. However, it will increase soon, so hurry up!
  • Interest and a tiny transaction fee are all you pay. We ensure no hidden fees. Track the amount of interest in your Account — we will add it monthly. 
  • Low minimum loan amounts. Get 30 USDT/USDC for ETH as collateral, and 80 USDT/USDC for Bitcoin lending collateral. 
  • Limitless loans. Get as much stablecoins as you want — who are we to restrict your dreams!
  • 10 minutes to get it. No credit checks, no paperwork, no lines and other bank attributes — come and get your loan right away! 

How It Works

  1. Jump to CoinRabbit and use this calculator to see how much you want to get:
  1. When the currency and loan size are chosen, confirm your phone number and set your USDT/USDC address so we know where to send you money. No KYC here!
  2. Send the collateral amount that you chose to the address provided. 
  3. After we process your collateral, the loan will land in your wallet. Your stablecoin is ready to be spent!

If you have questions on this procedure or you’re facing some issues, feel free to contact our support at any time — we’ll handle it. 

You can increase your loan size at any time — this option is available in your Account. In this case, your liquidation price will decrease (learn about it below). 

What Happens if the Collateral Price Drops?

Although crypto is on the rise now, Bitcoin and other cryptos are still volatile. We’re not safe from significant price drops.

In case they happen, we will start warning you that your collateral is at risk. If the price drops too low, unfortunately, we will have to sell your collateral in case you don’t repay it before. In this case, your stablecoins will stay with you.

We are a cryptocurrency lending with a low 50% loan-to-value ratio — this means your collateral currency has to fall by 50% to be liquidated (sold by us). This also means that for 1 BTC, you will only get 11,000 USDT as a loan at a $22k Bitcoin rate — but to be liquidated, it has to fall down to the mere $11,000, which is quite unlikely in the foreseeable future. This is the upside of a low loan-to-value rate.

What Can You Do With Your Tether Loan?

We don’t lend Bitcoin, but Stablecoin because it’s universal. USDT/USDC is accessible on many platforms, compatible with hundreds of crypto tokens, and easily exchangeable and tradeable. Here’s what you can do with it: 

  • Pay on hundreds of crypto-friendly platforms that accept stablecoins. 
  • Send it to your family and friends. Superfast transactions to anywhere in the world. 
  • Trade USDT/USDC against other assets to take quick profits. Be careful, and do your research before this extremely risky activity!
  • Sell it for fiat and enjoy some new green cash. 

Don’t Wait for a Better Moment

Knowing you have a lot of Bitcoin or Ethereum that you can’t use takes a lot of energy. Point this energy in the right direction — get an easy USDT/USDC loan at CoinRabbit and enjoy the benefits it brings. And hurry up —  now are the last days when a low 5% yearly interest is available for all loans. We will increase this rate soon!

Thanks for reading! Crypto loans may not be relevant for you right now, but let’s stay in touch — feel free to join our communities on Twitter and Telegram. If you once decide to get a loan, we’re always open. See you and have a great day!

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Levi Hughes
Feb 6, 2021
I used them once, took a small loan, but it was enough for them to get my trust. The terms are transparent - this is the main thing that determined my participation in the loan. I took about $500 in USDT which cost me 0.0239 BTC. After two weeks, I repaid the loan, receiving my bitcoin back, and now it is worth even more, and I had the opportunity to trade with these funds two week. Good impression.
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