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Art Conquers The World: Chiko&Roko Launches Unique Project and Conducts The First Drop For Its 650K Community

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Aug 1, 2022
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Art Conquers The World: Chiko&Roko Launches Unique Project and Conducts The First Drop For Its 650K Community.

Chiko&Roko Art will conduct Its first collectible drop on the Rarible platform on August 17th.
Сhiko&Roko has already conducted 600 free drops and collaborated with more than 60 well-known artists. Now it’s time to make a first NFT drop under new umbrella branding – Chiko&Roko Art. During the past year the Chiko&Roko has already received recognition not only from longtime fans, but also from our rapidly growing community of over 650,000 people. This time Chiko&Roko will create alongside 8 fancy artists whose total volume traded prevails 1.5K ETH, while social media coverage is more than 2 millions. So, the upcoming event is a truly long-awaited moment for a lot of people. It’s noteworthy, that it is not just a drop, this is a membership in the private Chiko&Roko Art club. There are 3 types of rarity in this drop: rare, super rare and unique. Every person, who will obtain unique or super rare items will get phygible toys. Each NFT owner will have an opportunity to enter Chiko&Roko Art Club. 

What’s the difference between Chiko&Roko, Chiko&Roko Art and Chiko&Roko Art Club? 

Let’s dive deep into our new side project. But first of all let’s start from the beginning. 

What is Chiko&Roko? 

Chiko&Roko is a rapidly developing project, which has organically grown to 650,000 subscribers, held 600 free NFT drops and collaborated with more than 60 well-known artists.

Events: WOW Summit Dubai, MetaWeek Dubai, MetaVentures Phuket, META ENTERTAINMENT WORLD Monaco,  Earth Day Dubai with Light It Forward, Dubai NFT Day 2022!, CRYPTOGON 2.0: Shark Tank, Synergy Crypto & NFT Forum Dubai, NFT EXPLOVERSE LA, Synergy Crypto & NFT Forum Bali and others
Our Partnerships: Zak Mini Monster X Black Stars Burgers, Emiswap

Our games: Thunder Lands, Nomad, Skill Labs

Culture: The gift of Community University Drops, Kikoriki, ST. PETERSBURG OPERA

Activity Results: From October, 2021 to June 2022 we conducted 20 different activities. Including:

  • Contests
  • Exclusive drops
  • Challenges
  • Giveaways

Also we conducted lots of theme initiatives. There were lots of activities in wide range of social media: from Instagram to Discord.

Number of collected toys: 12,831,969

What is Chiko&Roko Art? 

Chiko&Roko Art is a spin-off, Chiko&Roko side project. What does it include? First and foremost, unique drop on Rarible. Drop in collaboration with 8 fancy artists whose total volume traded prevails 1.5K ETH, while social media coverage is more than 2 millions. There are 3 types of rarity in this drop: rare, super rare and unique. Every unique or super rare item owner will get phygible toys. But it is not only a platform with the artists work, it’s not just NFT phygible toys, it’s not just a community of artists, it’s an opportunity to enter a unique art club. Well-known artists perform works with Chiko&Roko Art, famous collectors purchase its works, while popular places exhibit them. 

Overall, Chiko&Roko Art is a revolutionary experience of NFT Art ownership. Each NFT object in the collection can be transferred to the real world using AR technology. Chiko&Roko Art are also phygibles – real toys, so the experience of interacting with them is and remains absolutely unprecedented on the market. It’s an especially unique opportunity for collectors, who have already experienced digital NFT obtaining. We decided to conduct our first drop on the Rarible platform. Rarible is the evangelical platform, where artists and projects are able to drop their NFT. There are a wide range of available tokens – so every person or project is able to choose the most convenient way to present artwork. There are already lots of globally known projects on it. Rarible has earned recognition from the crypto community for its immense impact on the developing NFT market. So, our platform choice was well-calculated and obvious. Let’s take a look on Rarible’s Head of Partnerships, Evgeniy Medvedev point of view:

Supporting art is one of the ways we can participate in the development of the web3 industry. It is even more important to provide a platform for young artists, who are only getting started. We are excited about our partnership with Chiko & Roko! 

What is Chiko&Roko Art Club?

Chiko&Roko Art Club is an opportunity to become involved in an exclusive experience. Its first collectible NFT drop gives the opportunity not only to experience art contemplation, but also to join a Chiko&Roko Art Club membership, which provides you with phygible toys, exhibitions, events and community engagements. Soon this membership will also mean an opportunity to attend closed film screenings, annual events and joint collaborations with famous brands, as well as contemplate Infinity Art development Artoys – is a Chiko&Roko Art maternal project, metaverse and P2E tools implementation and evolution. 

Why Do People Choose Chiko&Roko ?

For people who have been familiar with the crypto industry for a long time, ordinary NFT collections have long ceased to be something amazing. Nevertheless, the industry does not stand still, offering users completely new, untested facets of immersion in the worlds created by artists. And this is not surprising – according to a number of experts, very soon the real and virtual worlds will become one. For instance, among the forecasts – by 2030 P2E will become the largest global employer, which means that NFT collections will naturally become an important chain of the new economy. Therefore, one way or another, more and more people around the world will adapt to the new reality.

Chiko&Roko Art are also authentic toys that make it possible to experience new sensations in two worlds at once – physical and virtual. Art toys Chiko&Roko Art is in itself a revolutionary event in the industry, because until today, users could be content only with NFT objects in their digital banks. Obviously, in order to feel comfortable in both worlds, you need to prepare in advance. And the winner takes it all. 

We are very proud not only of our progress, our artists and collaborators, but also the unprecedented support and love of our community, whose number is steadily growing day by day. We are aware that our new drop on Rarible, along with our side project Chiko&Roko Art, will inspire our community and attract the attention of collectors and crypto enthusiasts interested in developing promising dynamically evolving projects. This is indicated not only by the statistics of our project, but also by the mood of the entire market, whose growth has not been questioned for a long time. – Ilya Popov, CEO

Drop Details

When? August 17th
What? 777 drops with 3 different rarity types in collaboration with 8 artists
Where? On Rarible.

Chiko&Roko Art

Chiko&Roko Art is a special project from the online platform Chiko&Roko. The project is co-authored by the most extraordinary artists from around the globe, whose illustration styles range from the witty and viral Gudim’s art to the Vesa’s digital work.

Join Chiko&Roko Art now! 

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