Chainwire Review (2023): One Of The Best Options for Crypto PRs
chainwire review

Chainwire Review (2023): One Of The Best Options for Crypto Press Releases

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Nov 28, 2023
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In crypto and blockchain, effectively conveying your message to the right audience is crucial. However, the traditional methods can be time-consuming, requiring outreach to numerous media outlets, and the information you wish to share might not gain prompt attention.

In our search for a solution to streamline this process, we discovered Chainwire. That’s why, in this article, we’ll introduce you to this solution — a specialized press release distribution service catering to the crypto and blockchain sector. 

Let’s explore it together and see if it’s worth it!

What is Chainwire? 

chainwire website

Chainwire is a cutting-edge news service launched in 2021 designed for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. It’s a newswire for cryptocurrency projects, blockchain companies, exchanges, investment firms, and PR agencies that want to distribute their press releases. 

In other words, with Chainwire, you can put out your press releases at the same time across targeted media outlets or monetize your website if you’re a publisher.

Created by a skilled team with lots of experience and solid connections in the media, Chainwire gives you a direct path to your specific audience. Having been in the center of the cryptocurrency news business for years, they’ve built strong ties with all the big publishers in the field. This means that using Chainwire ensures press releases get a lot of exposure and make a splash in the cryptocurrency and blockchain scene.

At the time of writing this article, Chainwire is used by over 400 brands and PR agencies all over the globe, including MarketAcross,, Polygon,, Ankr, Nexo,, and others.

Chainwire: Features

Chainwire comes bundled with several features, including: 

  • Guaranteed Coverage – Chainwire commits to delivering complete coverage for your press releases, ensuring your news receives the attention it rightfully deserves.
  • Extensive Network – Leveraging over a decade of experience in the crypto industry, Chainwire has cultivated a robust network of editors and journalists across premier media publications.
  • Seamless Outcomes – Chainwire’s platform seamlessly integrates with numerous publishers and blogs, streamlining the press release distribution process for effortless and swift results.
  • Comprehensive Content Management – Chainwire facilitates effective content distribution, offering tools for managing your press releases, contact lists, social sharing, and analytics, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your publicity efforts.
  • Efficient Content Creation – The platform empowers users with tools for press release creation, multimedia integration, newsroom management, and SEO optimization, streamlining the process of crafting compelling and impactful content.

Chainwire: Payment Methods Accepted and Offered

chainwire payment methods

Chainwire currently allows three primary ways for you to pay and be paid: through PayPal, directly with your bank card (like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or IsraCard), or with cryptocurrencies (like Ethereum, Bitcoin, or USDC).

It’s important to highlight that if you choose to pay with cryptocurrencies, the transaction is facilitated through Coinbase. However, having a Coinbase account is not mandatory. So, you can use this payment option even if you don’t have any cryptocurrency stored on Coinbase.

Chainwire: Pricing and Packages

chainwire pricing packages

With Chainwire, as an advertiser, you have four packages to choose from, each with various benefits and pricing.

The Lite package, priced at $1,399, ensures dissemination across eight news outlets. Progressing to the Standard package, valued at $2,499, extends your reach to 16 news outlets.

For more extensive coverage, the Premium package at $6,499 guarantees distribution to over 75 news outlets, including prominent names such as BeInCrypto, Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg. 

Their best package offering is the Gold package, valued at $13,499. Opting for this package means your PR articles will not only grace over 75 outlets but also be prominently featured in media like CoinTelegraph, CoinMarketCap,, BeInCrypto, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance, among others.

Thus, Chainwire is relatively affordable, given the wealth of news outlets that crypto PRs distribute.

How Chainwire Works: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Chainwire’s Enrolling Process
chainwire registration process

To get started with Chainwire, the first thing to do is create an account. Simply share your name, set up a password, mention your company’s name (optional), pick your company type (brand or agency), and provide your email, website URL, and Telegram account (optional). After entering these details, hit “Sign Up,” and you’ll get an email to confirm your account. Once confirmed, you can log in. The entire process usually takes just under 3 minutes.

2. Create a Press Release Distribution Order

how to create an order on chainwire

Once your account setup is complete, you can proceed to create a press release distribution order. 

During this phase, you’ll be prompted to provide specific details regarding the distribution preferences for your press release. This entails deciding whether you want immediate distribution, scheduling it for a specific time, or opting for a delayed release. 

Additionally, you can attach relevant tags to your press release, aligning it with similar content on the platforms where it will be disseminated.

Following this, you must select a package.

selecting your chainwire package

You can do this by clicking the “Select” button associated with your chosen plan and progressing to the subsequent step.

chainwire package selection

However, it’s crucial to note that tailored packages are available, allowing you to focus on specific countries or languages to target your desired market precisely.

Presently, Chainwire supports German, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Turkish, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indonesian, Ukrainian & Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese languages and others.

Further, additional details are required for the press release for distribution across various media outlets.

chainwire pr details

This requisite information encompasses:

  • Location Data: Specify the city and country.
  • Contact Details: Include the full name, title, company name, email address, and phone number.
  • Social Media Data: Provide a Twitter handle and relevant hashtags.
  • Press Release Information: Include the title, featured image, and the press release’s content.
chainwire order payment

Following this, carefully review the provided information, incorporate any applicable coupon codes, give additional details, and click “Submit” to advance to the payment process. Also, you’ll have to introduce some invoice details.

chainwire payments history
paying an order on chainwire

All you have left to do is select the desired payment method, fill in the required information, and make the payment. Once the payment is made, your order will be launched and appear in the “Orders” section.

Your press releases can undergo distribution promptly or follow your designated publishing timetable post editorial approval, sticking to Chainwire’s operational hours from 07:30 to 18:00 GMT. If there are any delays, your PR will be published on the following day. Additionally, Chainwire will communicate via email or Telegram to address any submission-related concerns.

3. Check Your Order Status

chainwire order status

Following the initiation of an order on the platform, the “Orders” section will provide a comprehensive overview of the ongoing order, along with a detailed history of past orders.

Within this section, users can access important information, including the current status of the order, its payment status, and an array of other relevant details about the specific order in question.

4. Monitor Your Payments

chainwire order monitoring

Chainwire provides a specialized Payments section, allowing you to review your transaction history, track ongoing processes, assess the cumulative value of transactions, and verify their current status. This feature is a valuable tool for comprehensively tracking all activities and costs associated with the crypto PR distribution process.

5. Chainwire Analytics

Ensure to notice the fact that Chainwire provides a specialized analytics section for your convenience. Within Chainwire’s analytics dashboard, you can gain insights into various aspects, including:

  • The overall count of website submissions, categorized by their status (pending or live).
  • The total count of hyperlinks featured in each live press release.
  • Specifics related to your selected package, along with the remaining availability of PRs.
  • The viewership statistics for every live press release through third-party tracking integrations.

Accessing your analytics is conveniently available through the platform’s menu.

Chainwire: Pros and Cons

Chainwire Pros

  • Ensures global coverage in both crypto-native and traditional media outlets.
  • It is a smooth, automated news distribution method;
  • It can get your news out on the same day;
  • Specialized in the crypto industry.
  • Provides worldwide visibility, supporting multiple languages.
  • Simplifies PR for crypto projects, offering editorial insights and quality support.

Chainwire Cons

  • Packages starting at $1,399 may be relatively expensive for smaller projects.
  • It may not offer as extensive features or reach as some competitors.
  • While offering traditional coverage, it may not be as comprehensive as broader market services.

Is Chainwire Worth It?

Yes, especially if you aim to share information within the cryptocurrency sector, Chainwire is worth it. Chainwire’s focus on crypto distribution offers a direct route to connect with your intended audience. The guarantee of having your content featured on crypto news platforms, along with guaranteed visibility on homepages, distinguishes Chainwire from traditional PR newswires.

Moreover, getting started is straightforward — sign up, establish your account, furnish the necessary details, and capitalize on Chainwire’s extensive partnerships with key players in the industry. 

While the platform’s services may involve some financial commitment, the return on investment can be noteworthy because Chainwire simplifies your workload, making it a cost-effective solution for maximizing your outreach within the crypto community.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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