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Canadians Can Now Access Coinbase via PayPal

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Jun 11, 2019
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Nowadays, top crypto exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase are looking to expand their client base as much as possible. Coinbase is now in the lead as its services are now available to Canadian residents.

According to a Reddit post, Coinbase can now be accessed by Canadian residents through the use of PayPal.

This will be more convenient to traders, as through PayPal one can effectively link his account to a credit card. The feature is currently available for withdrawals, but it is expected that the feature will be available for deposits soon.

Credit purchases are very important as it offers an advantage to Canadian users looking to access the Coinbase platform. As more funds will be able to easily enter the market, it is expected that the cash volume will also impact the crypt prices.

While Canada is a thriving country when it comes to mining facilities, it has not made that many headlines lately for its involvement in the crypto market. The country is also home to a number of groups and organizations which promote the use and development of blockchain. Blockchain Canada is the most prominent of organizations in that matter, consisting of a team of notable members and partners.

Coinbase to Introduce Margin Trading Options?

As Binance has recently been promoting its new margin trading platform, it will not be long until Coinbase decides to do the same.

Of course, this is only pure speculation at this stage. Coinbase has been reportedly looking at facilitating margin trading on its platform. If this implementation were to happen, more brokers and traders would be inclined to use the exchange. Also, the exchange’s CEO Brian Armstrong made a recent comment regarding margin trading.

Armstrong acknowledged that debit margin trading is a highly demanded option for traders. But there are many regulatory impediments when it comes to implementing such feature. Currently, there has been no reported news to suggest that there will be margin trading on the main Coinbase platform.

It was reported that Coinbase already supports margin trading on its Coinbase Pro platform for institutional investors which featured three-times leverage.

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