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Blockchain Startup Makes John McAfee Their New CEO

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Aug 14, 2018
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Luxcore, a blockchain startup, has announced the appointment of a new CEO-  tech veteran John McAfee.

Luxcore describes itself on its official blog as a company which “focuses on designing and building enterprise ready security and privacy products.”

“We are excited to announce @officialmcafee as the new CEO of Luxcore! John’s appointment is part of a massive personnel reorganization designed to drive significant and rapid business growth for $LUX. It’s the dawning of a #NewEra.”- posted the company on its Twitter page.

The company first employed McAfee as a senior adviser in April, and now Brian Oliver, Luxcore co-founder and CEO “has agreed to step down” and be replaced by the antivirus guru. Luxcore wished Oliver “all the best in [his] future endeavours within and beyond the blockchain space.”

“I have accepted the position of CEO of LUXCORE. They have been working hard behind the scenes and will soon announce the availability of Blockchain features we have all been waiting for. I will still continue lead Team McAfee on its adventurous journey,” tweeted McAfee.

Luxcore aims to release a cryptocurrency wallet which employs address obfuscation and multi-signature transactions, smart contract deployment, along with a private, secure network for institutions dubbed ‘Parallel Masternodes’ and a blockchain unifying system called ‘Luxgate’ described by the website as “a technological marvel”.

Most of these services are scheduled to be made available later this year.

John MacAfee is primarily known for being the creator of the antivirus program named after him, but lately, he has become a prominent figure in the crypto world, being a vocal adoption promoter. He has also heavily endorsed new companies on his Twitter profile, causing their prices to spike almost instantly.

“Luxcore’s rapid development of game-changing technology requires a rapid escalation of business growth. In order to achieve the company’s growth targets, there will be a heightened emphasis on strategic marketing of products such as the PoS web wallet and the yet-to-be released LuxGate cross-platform exchange. I am excited about our aggressive growth strategy and the many innovations yet to come,” said the tech wiz.

John McAfee previously stated that he received threats from the Securities and Exchange Commission, and because of this he will no longer be promoting ICOs This reaction was prompted by the organization’s announcement that it would start categorizing some ICOs as securities. Not long after, it was reported that he hired a group of armed individuals to protect his house because he claimed was being gang-stalked.

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