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Blockchain Lottery Projects Are Picking up the Steam

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Jun 23, 2021
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Lotteries are taking over the blockchain. The blockchain is a perfect eco-system for them to thrive, and new possibilities in game-play-experience are endless. One of these new lottery projects is Ticket2Lambo. Their project consists of 10 grand lotteries, with new add-ons set in place to keep things interesting. Their ICO is running as we speak and it ends on June 30th. From July 1st the trading of their T2L tokens starts on the Bilaxy exchange.

Ticket2Lambo was set up as a counterpart against traditional lotteries, which show no transparency at all. At Ticket2Lambo, everything is transparent, all the numbers are available on their site and every lottery draw is filmed and shared with the tokenholders.

To join the Ticket2Lambo ICO, visit their website. Every T2L token you own, is a ticket in their lottery system. So not only do you profit from the rising price of your token, you also have a chance to win big prizes. Just hold T2L tokens in your Ethereum wallet and you automatically play in the lottery, every time we roll!

As stated above, Ticket2Lambo runs 10 lotteries, in which more then 21 million USDT is given away in prizes. In the last lottery they even give away the equivalent of 12 Lamborghini Huracan Spyders.

The way this works is, their tokens are split up in 10 tranches of 7.5 million tokens. The price for each tranche is pegged when sold on exchange and ranges from 0.10$ in the first lottery to 0.55$ in the last. This way, the jackpot for each tranche rises significantly.

Their software for picking winners runs on independently programmed Python software and every participant will be able to watch how the winners are picked. You can find all the prizes and jackpot data on their website under “Prize pool“.

So now you might wonder: “What will I do with my T2L tokens after the last lottery, won’t they be worthless?”

No, they wont, because after the last lottery round they start their second project, Ticket2Moon. Each T2L token will be swapped on a 1:1 basis for T2M tokens. Your T2L tokens will be burned, and you will be eligible to play in all the coming lotteries, of the Ticket2Moon project (which will have even bigger Jackpots).

The infrastructure for the Ticket2Moon project, is already fully in place, ready to roll as soon as they finish Ticket2Lambo.

From July 1st, you can buy T2L tokens on the Bilaxy Exchange ( at a pegged rate of 0.10$ for the first tranche of tokens.

You can now buy T2L tokens via their website, for 0.05$ per token, till June 30th.

For more info about the ICO please visit:

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