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Bitzipp — Making Crypto Accessible for Everyone

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Oct 29, 2021
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What’s the town talking about? Well, it’s cryptocurrencies! The spike of interest in the crypto world has introduced a variety of cryptocurrency wallets, tokens and a lot of new and interesting products in the space. Despite the progress, we are battling 2 major problems which always existed: 

  • A good user experience when using a cryptocurrency wallet, and
  • Security in cryptocurrencies and the wallets which are used for holding cryptocurrencies. 

Bitzipp solves both of these problems with a highly secure token and an efficient crypto wallet. It ensures its users with an extraordinary experience by providing an amazing UI/UX along with interconnectivity between the mobile app and its desktop version. 

How Does Bitzipp Solve the Problem of Security? 

With its highly secure and versatile crypto wallet, Bitzipp incorporates the positives of the traditional financial system with state of the art blockchain security measures. Using blockchain driven architecture prevents the Bitzipp platform from facing any vulnerabilities, threats, and third-party security compromises. The unique security feature of Bitzipp wallet allows users to protect their privacy by storing, sending and receiving all of the assets with total privacy. 

Along with all this Bitzipp also does the following to maintain a very high level of security on their platform: 

  • Advanced testing techniques including but is not limited to stress testing and penetration testing,
  • Adhering to international cyber security standards,
  • Running bounty hunter challenges across the best schools in the world to check if the Bitzipp wallet can actually be hacked. 

Further Bitzipp also provides the following services to its users:

  • In a simple way with a few clicks, you can stake one or more coins
  • Less or zero fee, multiple or endless trades…
  • Best price on the market to BUY / SELL
  • Multiple exchange accounts are not needed, all you need is BitZipp wallet

So how Does Bitzipp Ensure an Amazing User Experience? 

The Bitzipp ecosystem is designed with a touch of artificial intelligence for anyone looking to start storing, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. To ensure a smooth user experience, Bitzipp has synchronized its mobile application with its desktop version, offering the most suitable cryptocurrency solutions. 

About Bitzipp

Bitzipp is a one-stop destination for crypto users with its low fees and easy user experience that enables them to perform all operations from a single platform. 

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