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Biggest Sports Betting Wins Ever in Crypto

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Dec 6, 2022
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Some people place bets for fun, but others do everything they can to win as much as possible, especially while using cryptocurrencies. The number of iGaming operators grows daily, which is why people need professional analyses to find the best site. Fortunately, you can click here for the latest sportsbook reviews and learn more about the bookies, their betting sections, and whether they offer digital currencies. You will be surprised when you see that crypto betting is becoming a lot more popular than before, and some people have already earned a lot of money.

Despite the fact that crypto betting is relatively new, it already has a lot of loyal fans that are more than happy they can wager with BTC and other options. Many punters are yet to try out crypto betting, but some of them got lucky and won jaw-dropping amounts of money. Although betting is risky, and some people lose a lot, others are lucky, so let’s go through some of the biggest sports betting wins.

Winning $75,000 with a $31 bet

Cryptocurrencies are popular among online bettors because they are notorious for offering safe monetary transactions. What’s more, they allow people to place small or large bets and even give users access to unique titles. 

It seems like one casino fan decided to put these options to the test. The person was interested in online casinos, and he chose a game called Book of Aztec. The latter is developed by Amatic, one of the leading casino software suppliers.

Interestingly, the operator that offered the specific title allowed its users to wager with cryptocurrency. The specific gambler was interested in the option, which is why he waged around 0.008 BTC, which was equal to $31 at that time. After playing a bit, he got lucky, and the game allowed him to win a total of 1.93 BTC, which was around $75,000 at that time.

Even though this bet was on a casino game, sports betting with cryptocurrencies is also very popular, especially in some parts of the world. Whether you want to wager on the Super Bowl or something else using crypto, make sure you learn as much about it as possible.

In 2013, a person won around $1.3M in BTC

Sports betting has been around for many years, so most people weren’t surprised when some top-tier sites started offering crypto betting. As you can imagine, Bitcoin was not as big in 2013 as today, but some people used it to place bets. 

One of the most popular crypto bettors goes by the name of Nakowa, and according to many sources, he won a total of 11,000 Bitcoins. Back then, those things were equal to $1.3M, which is an insane amount of money even today.

It should be noted that this person continued playing even after winning the amount. Unsurprisingly, this led to losing most of it, which is another reason why we need to be responsible while betting. Gambling is something we should only do for fun.


Besides the examples mentioned above, many other people also won a lot of money from crypto sports betting. That said, this doesn’t mean that crypto betting is safer than punting with regular currencies. Both things are risky, which is why you need to be really careful, no matter if you want to bet with Ethereum, Bitcoin, or standard currencies.

Another key fact to consider when using crypto for sports betting is that your winnings may increase or decrease depending on the given crypto’s value. As you know, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, so people may end up winning more or less than they expected. To sum up, always be careful about how much you can afford to lose and be careful what you bet on.

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