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Benefits of Crypto Gambling

Discover the Benefits of Crypto Gambling

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Jan 9, 2023
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Crypto casinos are becoming increasingly popular among investors as they provide a quick and fun way of earning more crypto without much effort. And using crypto on casino websites comes with many benefits, some of them being more important than others.

In the gambling space, the number of cryptocurrencies or crypto enthusiasts and online casinos that accept Bitcoin in South Africa or in any other part of the world, for example, are also soaring.  

Crypto has been a game-changer regarding online activities implying sending or receiving a specific payment. And because crypto transactions are usually safe and quickly validated, it is common to notice the use of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in any live crypto casino you visit. For example, related to live casinos, 10CRIC is known as one of the best live casino sites, where players all over the world have access to a diverse variety of gambling options. 

This section of the vast online gambling industry is one of the most dynamic and has enormous growth potential. Some of this growth was because, during the lockdown that has affected most developed countries, many people have been looking for other leisure pursuits, and the online casino industry is well positioned to benefit from that trend, with sites such as offering a portal to reputable and responsible online casino opportunities. 

If you want to play casino games or you want to try gambling, then a crypto casino is an excellent choice. Whether you’re a first-timer or a casino expert, cryptocurrency casinos can offer you the following benefits: 

1. Crypto provides anonymity to online casino users 

Some users may probably feel their privacy is tickled whenever too much information is required for gambling online. And while some particular websites or games may require a basic KYC (visit this website to learn more about no-verification casinos), some let users play anonymously. 

Since crypto casinos are virtual, you can gamble or play virtually. There are many different factors to consider when it comes to online gambling, and one of the most important is anonymity. You can do it in crypto casinos when you’re a famous or well-known person who doesn’t want to let people know of your casino hobby. Or even if you’re an average Joe who wants to keep their identity hidden, playing in a virtual casino like is for you. 

Furthermore, cryptocurrencies offer an excellent solution for maintaining anonymity. Due to its decentralized property, you won’t have to worry about your details being seen by anyone anywhere. This is because digital currencies use blockchains, so you only need to enter or give your crypto wallet address for cashing in or cashing out your winnings. Since Bitcoin and other coins are currencies being used in crypto casino transactions, these casinos do not have a bank or government overseeing each transaction. 

Moreover, since your details are anonymous, the risk of being hacked is also low because you will only be providing information about the crypto and the wallet address you are transferring to. Anyone trying to track your gambling activity back to you will have difficulty finding traces.  

So, if anonymity is important to you, crypto is the way to go for online gambling. You can also try an online casino mobile if you like to play games on your phone.

2. The blockchain provides faster transfers 

If there is one thing that can make players choose crypto for online gambling, it can be the speed at which crypto transactions are made.  

If you’ve tried playing and winning in a regular casino, your withdrawals can take up to 3 days. But with Bitcoin and other digital currencies used in crypto casinos, you can withdraw them instantly. After the casino has processed your cashout request, you can withdraw your winnings within a few hours. 

Traditional payment methods, such as debit and credit cards, have an extended payment process since the transactions must go through an intermediary to be validated.  

Since there is no need for a third-party validator, transactions are faster, thus making gamblers prefer crypto over other payment methods.  

Moreover, because no bank or financial institution operates or oversees the crypto transaction, you can expect your funds to be available in your crypto wallet. Blockchain technology takes charge of any transaction made with cryptocurrencies, so you won’t worry about overcharging fees either. 

3. The transaction fees can be lower 

Cryptocurrencies are well-known for their low transaction fees in crypto casino games. And compared to the fees a bank would apply for such payments, a gambler may not even notice or feel the loss of a small fee for playing crypto games online.  

Unlike credit cards or bank accounts with service charges for every transaction, cryptocurrency casinos do not charge one, or if they do, they charge extraordinarily little. 

The small transaction fees occur thanks to the fact that cryptocurrencies functions as a decentralized network. Therefore, no middlemen are needed to complete crypto-related activities, and more crypto assets can be shared with users instead of paying a third party.  

4. Crypto immutability offers more security 

Aside from the anonymity that crypto casinos offer, there are more reasons why playing with cryptocurrency is more secure.  

Thanks to cryptocurrency decentralization, it is largely unregulated and cannot be affected by any government policies that may attempt to seize the funds.  

Moreso, there are fewer chances of a user being hacked or having their identity stolen, as personal information is not shared and is rarely required. Still, crypto users must be cautious with their private keys and what apps they use. Giving access to your wallet to a malicious app can take away all your digital assets. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that once a crypto transaction is validated and stored in a block, it becomes immutable. Thus, the transaction cannot be reversed or altered from its first (and last) version. 

Moreover, to ensure secure online crypto gaming, crypto casinos have the following: 

  • Random Number Generator – Also known as RNG, which secures impartiality when playing casino games. This will prevent external factors from influencing winnings but only with chances. Through this system, players will have equal and fair chances of winning. 
  • Online Code – Without any intermediary or centralized system to govern any transaction, only the holder of such codes can transact with a crypto casino. With such codes, you don’t have to worry about being traced. 
  • Blockchain Technology – Your personal data is not linked with your crypto data. Moreover, any transaction you make creates a block on the chain. This technology requires a public and private key to execute a deal successfully. Thus, your funds are secured as long as the private key that can unlock your block is known only to you. 

5. Crypto Casinos Allow Anyone to Play 

Wherever you are residing, crypto casinos provide access for everyone. This is most beneficial for residents of countries banning online casinos. Geographical location does not restrict access anywhere in the world. 

Since cryptocurrency is decentralized, your government has no rule over your crypto. Still, check your local legislation to avoid getting in trouble. 

But in order for you to make wise decisions and strategies, you must engage yourself in cryptocurrency courses that can help enhance your knowledge of cryptocurrency. 

With online casinos that use credit or bank accounts, the possibility of banks refusing to process your transaction is highly probable. But with a crypto casino, payouts, or payments of cryptos are processed without any problems. 

6. They Offer Various Games 

Suppose you’re used to casino games and have tried them all. Gear up, as most crypto bookmakers have a wide range of online casinos with numerous games you can play, such as 10 dollar minimum deposit casinos. All matches that use Bitcoins or altcoins usually comprise slot games, roulette, blackjack, and other casino games.  

Other cryptocurrency casinos have games you can play to earn Bitcoins for free. Especially the best bitcoin casinos. In their case, it is most often encountered. If you’re into adventures, you can enjoy adventure-like slots that offer multipliers, free spins, 250+ ways to win, and three or more progressive jackpots. Some even have competitive graphics and music to listen to and enjoy while playing. 

But if you want big winnings, blackjack or poker games are an excellent choice. If you have good skills and strategies to outwit the dealer, you will have a higher chance of winning bitcoin or cash. However, you must pay for every card you use. If you have a thing for dice, you can opt for playing duckdice casino, where you can wager Bitcoin on the outcome of a dice roll. 

Moreover, most games have a private group where you can get tips or more games. This way, you’ll get more bonuses and chances to win Bitcoins while socializing with your fellow players. 

Crypto casinos are no different from classic gaming platforms in terms of gaming content. 

But there are exceptions. The gaming platform can integrate games from third-party providers into the website or create all the games themselves. In the first case, the producer is responsible for all the games. But if they’re produced in-house, you can check the results of each spin or card deal to see if they are fraudulent. 

7. Crypto Gambling Has the Best Bonuses 

By far, one of the most sought-after areas in crypto casinos is bonuses. Why? Contrary to popular belief, such gaming platforms can only give out deposit bonuses in a dosage amount. And the fact is that all means are suitable for marketing.  

At this stage, there is quite an aggressive fight for each player, and crypto casinos in this background allocate simply huge budgets to attract players. To this end, they also develop promotions and bonus offers where you can start playing at once with a bankroll that potentially exceeds your deposit several times.  

Many Free Spins are given just like a no-deposit offer or for a minimum deposit. Don’t forget that there are still such things as faucets in crypto casinos, where you can get some cryptocurrency every day and play for free. 

A special mention should be made of the various promotions that involve all sorts of raffles. The thing about crypto casinos is that you can win a prize with just a few bets.  

In most of these casinos, you will receive individual bonuses and promotional offers from the managers of the gaming platform. 

As I said above, various games can be played within crypto online casinos. These include slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more. And one advantage of crypto is that it can be used to play casino games both in-game and when depositing funds into the casino’s account. 


While playing slots, players can also use crypto to bet on the game’s outcome. Players can place a predetermined amount when betting on a slot machine or choose to make their own wager.  


Blackjack is also a quick way of winning crypto in online casinos. It is also called Twenty-One because players can bet until they reach 21 on the table. If they go higher, they lose, but they are winners as long as they stay under or at 21 and have the highest value at the table.  


Bitcoin Roulette is quite like the actual table game, and the winnings can be remarkable if the gamblers follow some strategies, too.  

The game implies betting on a specific number, on even or odd, and on red or black, with the primary purpose of picking the number on the slot where the ball will land, thus winning the bet.  


Baccarat is a niche cryptocurrency game that has become popular in recent years. It is played with cards, and the crypto version is highly like the original, physical game.  

Baccarat can be found on crypto betting sites, and despite its slight complexity, it remains a fantastic way of winning crypto. 

The Differences between Bitcoin Casinos and Traditional Casinos 

With the rapid growth of technology, it is not surprising that many gamblers opt for online casinos. There are numerous online gaming sites where you can see both delights yourself and make money. For instance, Betway casino Nigeria is a premier online casino site where different software providers offer users a wide game variety, competitive win rates, lightning-fast payment methods, few country restrictions, and a plethora of exclusive promotions and incentives. Another example of a popular online casino would be BK8, a South Asian online casino that has recently managed to sign top football player Robin Van Persie as the BK8 Ambassador. Other casinos like Leovegas are still working on building the best crypto-gambling experience for their users. 

Knowing the distinctions between crypto casinos and traditional casinos should not be difficult. Some distinctions make crypto casinos preferable to the gambling industry. Before selecting casinos, participants should educate themselves on the differences between them. These are the differences between the two: 


There is a range of banking methods available to players worldwide, and depending on which part of the world players hail from, the list of available options tends to become more convenient.  

The apparent difference between a crypto casino and a traditional casino is their currency. A traditional casino uses standard money in the likes of Dollars, Euros, Pounds, and Polish zloty for Poland casinos. On the other hand, a crypto casino uses crypto as its currency. 

Security & Safety 

The most significant advantage for many will be the increased security and privacy that crypto betting delivers. When you use a cryptocurrency wallet to gamble at online casinos, only the wallet address is connected to your online profile. No personal banking details are required, and the casino site stores none. Betting with digital currency is also more secure as the transaction details cannot be tampered with, and there is no paper trail of transactions to your bank account for hackers to discover. 

Also, it would be best to consider all the security advantages and benefits written above of crypto casinos. 

Fairness in the game 

The fairness of games is another significant distinction between crypto and traditional casinos. When compared to typical casinos, crypto casinos provide more fair games. Crypto casinos offer a low house edge and use unbiased algorithms. This makes winning easier for players. On the other hand, traditional casinos that accept fiat currency have a house margin ranging from three to fifteen percent, depending on the casino and game. 


If you have ever gambled in a conventional casino, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the operators’ techniques to lure participants. High winnings, flashy visuals, and incredible bonus offers are some of these techniques. However, the majority of these promises are never fulfilled. 

The majority of traditional online gaming companies conceal critical information from users. And this takes a substantial chunk of their winnings. 

Numerous conventional casinos take benefit unsuspecting players. It is hard to conceal information in crypto casinos since they are transparent. They employ clear platforms. As a result, gamers will be able to detect any changes. 


Crypto casinos are more convenient than traditional casinos. This is because currencies like Bitcoin is one of the global cryptocurrencies that people have embraced. This means you can access your Bitcoins regardless of your location anywhere in the world.  

Traditional casinos, on the other hand, can be somehow limited. This is because some provinces and countries do not allow gambling and have entirely restricted all gambling casinos. 

Also, many of the traditional casinos run illegally. It is quite easy to lose all your money in the casino. Crypto casinos, on the other hand, ensure high levels of legitimacy. Some traditional casinos do not grant the player full access to their winnings as a payout duration exists. This is, however, not the case for crypto casinos, as winnings can be withdrawn instantly in most cases. 


Traditional casinos are fully regulated, and this is because physical gamblers can be verified for the appropriate age, location, etc. Moreover, casino owners can be fully monitored, as they have their casinos in physical locations.  

This is different from cryptocurrency ones, which are strictly online. It is also quite challenging to regulate casino owners, as they don’t have any physical locations, although the casinos are said to be registered with regulators. 

Cross Border Availability 

The beauty of cryptocurrencies is that they break traditional barriers and allow people to transact, irrespective of the distance. Someone in Asia or America can comfortably deposit money in a Polish casino without worrying about currency exchanges. Traditional casinos may accept credit and debit cards from foreign customers, but the user will always incur additional costs in currency exchange. 

The pros of crypto casinos outweigh those of traditional casinos, and it is advisable to play in a Polish Bitcoin casino compared to a conventional casino. However, you must always ensure that you check both customer and expert reviews before you settle for a specific gambling platform. 


Traditional casinos may seem exciting, but crypto casinos are more beneficial. With the advantages listed above, expect that you can gamble hassle-free by using only your e-wallet to make transactions. You won’t have to worry about bank restrictions or bank fees as crypto casinos have less fees. Thus, you can enjoy casino games you can win with fair chances and withdraw your winnings in a shorter period. 

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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