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BankerDoge: A Platform That Creates Customised Staking Vaults for Cryptos

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Sep 28, 2021
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BankerDoge officially ended its token pre-sale and raised 3222BNB, equivalent to 1.35million dollars. The DeFi service platform will be listed as of September 20th on PancakeSwap. It is one of the only authorised BSC projects with an expert team behind it. 

What Is BankerDoge?

BankerDoge is a decentralised ecosystem that offers DeFi services like staking, liquidity pool farming, time-locking, and trustless DeFi lending to all BSC tokens. BankerDoge also comes together with other companies to create mutually beneficial contracts and staking systems that will also have a play in the success of Banker token. 

The Concept of BankerDoge 

BankerDoge adds to the efficiency of existing tokens by creating tailors staking vaults. This way, BankerDoge comes across as an existing use case at its launch. The staking vaults are created to specifically reward long-term token holders and those who have contributed to the project with their staking/validator works. Before the token was even launched, over USD 2,000,000 had been staked in BankerDoge vaults. Users who use the Banker token to enter and exit their vault will have to pay the fee which in turn will be used to strengthen the price and APY of the token. 

The Functionality of Banker Token 

The Banker token has built-in reflection, varied buy and sell fees, effective auto buy-back and burn and all of these are infused right into the smart contract. As mentioned before, the token benefits from usage fees to boost its price and APY with its vault system. What is called “external boosted tokenomics” is believed to create opportunities for tremendous growth and gather demand for the token? The token is expected to be listed on multiple popular exchanges in the initial months after the launch. 

The Pillars behind BankerDoge 

There is a well experienced and advanced team behind BankerDoge, they are fully doxed and are also the creators of a very successful cryptocurrency project, The team is planning to extend their influence with this new project which complements their first one in more than one aspect. The core team hails from the United States and most of them have worked in big corporations like DELL, HP, Disney, Wells Fargo and so on.  

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