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ATROMG8 Finally Listed on BIBOX- Get Your Tokens Now!

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Mar 18, 2020
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BIBOX is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange platforms with a daily turnover exceeding the billion-dollar (USD) mark. Operated by a highly skilled team of early crypto adopters, BIBOX is most definitely a force to be reckoned with within the industry. 

Virtually all Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects aim to reach millions of people in seconds through the listing on the world’s top crypto exchanges such as BIBOX. ATROMG8 is one of those innovative projects that has had the honor to be recently listed on BIBOX. All this great success stems from the mind-blowing technological innovations displayed by the creators, developers, and designers combined with the hard work of the entire team. But what exactly is it? What does it do? Why are such world-renowned exchange platforms listing it? Let’s find out!

About the landscape

ATROMG8 is 5.0. MixNet Superstructure with a Multi Blockchain-Based platform. With its highly advanced ecosystem, ATROMG8’s platform is designed to provide its users with the highest level of security and privacy currently available on the market. ATROMG8’s uniqueness goes beyond its ability to connect to multiple blockchains. It is all about the desire to combine the products of different services providers in the industry and together create a secure and fast real-time ecosystem. ATROMG8’s ecosystem is like a shopping center where you can find everything you need. All in one Application under one umbrella.

The possibility to create your own ecosystem and connect it to our platform is just one of the many added values of ATROMG8. By connecting to our network, you will benefit from the exponential growth of your provided services and free advertisement for the launching of your new products.  Thus, generating a win-win outcome for all participants. As of today, several groups and organizations led by some of the most prominent figures in the Blockchain community space have agreed to deploy their projects on the ATROMG8. Visit 

Eliminating fraud is extremely essential in today’s highly digitalized world where data is worth more than petroleum and gold. Hackers are always relentlessly searching for the chink in the armor to access crucial data and take undue advantage of it. Every year, millions of dollars are extorted, or stolen, through such data-theft operations. In many cases, these operations result in identity theft, which is often worse than money loss. This is why there is a desperate need for a hacker-free environment where users can exchange data in a worry-free manner not fearing that their private data will be used by third parties without their knowledge and consent. Based upon these fundamental principles, ATROMG8 has created a high-security messenger connecting people and creating a safe environment for businesses, governmental and educational institutions to openly communicate and exchange sensitive information with no fear of ever being hacked. 

Keeping the Data Safe

When it comes to data encryption and safety against data theft, our ecosystem protects all parties involved in any transaction. No matter which service or industry part takes, the technological innovations used for design and development purposes continue to offer a high degree of security. To ensure quality, world-renowned experts came together as a team, to develop something so brilliant and revolutionary that it will take the whole world by surprise. For the very first time, there is a messenger where dozens of other advanced features are about to be added in the near future. So, users can exchange data, communicate and even buy or sell services related to a variety of different industries. All in one platform powered by blockchain. 

To reach the Olympic level in today’s Blockchain sphere, ATROMG8 is participating with its Enterprise Accelerator program, together with our 5.0. MixNet superstructure, in the Accubits Technologies  Chainsat Project. The mission, named Chainsat, is set to send a 12 kg weighing, low earth orbit satellite to space in an endeavor to create an enterprise blockchain ledger that can enable a secure transactional network for financial and IoT systems of tomorrow. Where blockchain technology entirely revolves around the concept of decentralization and transparent operations, the potential of this versatile technology is not completely reached owing to the inefficient data sharing models present in the current culture. Nevertheless, Blockchain only thrives on the notion of security, which is exactly what Chainsat is set to establish while parallelly adhering to the conventional data protection regulations. 

Get your hands on the ATROMG8 Tokens

With ATROMG8’s 5.0 MixNet superstructure we take things to a whole new level making the user’s experience seamless and effortless. Our aim has always been to take human communication to the next level and bring about a revolution in the digital world. Now that ATROMG8 is listed on BIBOX, anyone can easily benefit from our great deals on the ATROM coin! So, go ahead and registered yourself today to access the best deals on ATROM coins! 

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