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Alyx Luxury Brand Launches IOTA-based Pilot

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Jun 24, 2019
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Alyx– the luxury fashion brand created by Matthew Williams, the creative director of Lady Gaga and Kanye West— will launch a supply chain transparency pilot based on IOTA.

According to Vogue Business, the blockchain pilot was launched in tandem with global manufacturer Avery Dennison and internet of things (IoT) software service company Evrythng.

Williams’s work at Alyx earned him a 2016 LVMH Prize finalist nomination, as well as partnerships with famous brands Moncler, Nike, and Dior Men.

IOTA is a unique distributed ledger purposely designed for IoT services, which is based on the “Tangle” architecture. The uniqueness of this ledger stems from the fact that it does not use a regular blockchain, as the Tangle protocol has no “blocks” or mining, instead, running on a directed acyclic graph (DAG). A DAG is a graph that is topologically sorted where transactions from different chains run simultaneously in the network.

The pilot announcement has confirmed prior new reports of a partnership between Alyx and IOTA.

The pilot will include nine Alyx products which will have attached a scannable QR code which includes the supply chain of the items — such as where the raw material came from, the place where it was created, and shipping history.

“Some Alyx product hang tags will feature a scannable QR code that showcases the entire supply chain history of the piece it’s attached to. That includes when and where the raw materials were sourced, where the garment was manufactured, and its shipping record.”

The information is then inputted by Alyx suppliers after which Evrything “stores and uploads it onto the ledger”, while Avery Dennison “makes tags with digital IDs for each garment.”

While only nine products are used in the pilot, Williams has told Vogue Business that his “north star goal” is to have all his Alyx pieces on blockchain ”for the sake of transparency.”

Vogue Business then notes that the fashion industry has unique challenges when it comes to traceability, as brands can use a wide range of materials and manufacturers sources from different manufacturers.

“The key is identifying the right nodes of the supply chain from where to pull data and then determining how to most efficiently extract that data,” said Michael Colarossi, Avery Dennison’s vice president of innovation, product line management and sustainability.

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