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ADN Coin — An Investor-Friendly Cryptocurrency

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Jun 5, 2019
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Recent press releases introduced ADN Coin, a cryptocurrency dubbing itself as a “Powerful ICO Security Platform”. The information the project published on their website shows that they are planning to implement a blockchain-based mechanism to secure initial coin offering investments. This powerful ICO security platform intends to provide high-throughput, high scalability, and high availability solutions for Decentralized Applications (DApps) in the ADN ecosystem.

Combining the benefits initially proposed by existing platforms, ADN aims to allow developers to create and implement cutting-edge tokenized projects through its mainnet. ADN will also be the first to release a built-in investor-oriented mechanism programmed to protect the interests of the investors when they invest in ICOs and other cryptocurrency projects based on its platform.

ICO Investment Mechanism

Companies and startups that plan to hold their initial coin offering (ICO) through the ADN platform will need to program a smart contract on the ADN blockchain, together with a detailed roadmap. This contract will be approved and validated by ADN. Once the roadmap has been checked and approved, ADN will proceed with the token and ICO wallet creation. It will then draft the rules for the ICO, which is divided into a number of stages set and agreed upon by both investors and developers. Each stage possesses a set of accomplishments that are consonant with the detailed roadmap and with the very purpose of the ICO.

For every stage, the investors will be participating in evaluating the project and voting if the project should proceed to the next stage. When the developers are able to get a majority number of votes, they will be able to proceed to the next stage of development.

Interested participants in the ICO will purchase the tokens for the said event. ADN has created a unique platform wherein the company will only be able to access the funds allocated for the specific stage. Funds that are designated for a different stage will be locked in the ICO wallet, and cannot be accessed by the company, thereby protecting the ICO participants from fraud.

ADN Mainnet

ADN mainnet, or simply the ADN main network, will be a functional blockchain that will perform real-time transactions of transferring digital currencies from a sender to a recipient. The ADN mainnet will carry out actual transactions that take place on a distributed ledger and is commonly referred to as the ‘end product.’ The ADN mainnet platform is open for public use and can affect ADN’s growth in the market. ADN mainnet coins possess real value and could be utilized in different financial transactions.

ADN Mainnet will be an integral aspect of valuing ADN’s real-world implementation. It is a proof of development that the project is in technical progress. This may or may not affect the price movement in the crypto-market, either in a short-term period or in the long run.

As an example, when Tron (TRX) announced the launching of their mainnet (Odyssey 2.0) on April 2018, TRX’s prices increased from $0.035 to $0.1 within 2 weeks. But its price declined a month before the actual release of their mainnet and continued moving downhill even after the official mainnet is launched.

From this, we can understand that the initial mainnet launch is not the key factor that will drive the success of a cryptocurrency project. To ensure a successful project, continuous updates and integrations to the mainnet are essential. The existence of a mainnet also enables users to take part in a decentralized ecosystem that facilitates real interaction and transactions with full transparency and heavy security. This means that the ADN Mainnet will be considering the flaws and shortcomings of other mainnet implementations and deliver a better working platform to users around the globe.

ADN Team

The company is led by finance and cryptocurrency experts Ron Lim and Jon Ban. The ADN team also involves well-known figures in the blockchain industry like Deep Dive and iRangers CEO Misha Hanin working as ADN Chief Technology Officer, Boris Heismann working as Chief Information Security Officer, Tad Einstein, a descendant of renowned scientist Albert Einstein, working as ADN Vice Chief Information Security Officer, Dima Zodek, working as Chief Security Officer, and Rob Zacharias working as Chief Operating Officer.

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