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7 Lesser-Known Casino Games You Should Know 

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Jan 3, 2024
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While slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker dominate casino floors worldwide, many other games receive less publicity. These underrated games will be perfect for those looking for more options or variations.  

Pai Gow Poker

Lesser-Known Casino Games

Pai Gow Poker isn’t an unknown casino game; you’ll see it available in many online casinos alongside popular games like Crazy Coin Flip – Live in South Africa. However, many players are still unfamiliar with Pai Gow Poker’s gameplay. Although the game isn’t worldwide popular, it has a significant number of players in China due to its history. 

The poker game was based on the Chinese domino Pai Gow, but you’ll play with cards instead of dominos. When playing Pai Gow Poker, you’ll go against the dealer. You’ll receive seven cards to start the game and form the best hands. One hand must contain five cards, while the others have two.  

Sic Bo 

Pai Gow isn’t the only Chinese casino game available in many casinos, yet it’s still less known than other options. Sic Bo is another Chinese casino game that involves dice and simple guessing gameplay. Most developers who have Sic Bo in their collection tend to have their twist or rules to the game, but commonly, you’ll start with three dice.  

When playing Sic Bo, you must guess the numbers on the rolled dice. Online Sic Bo will present the possible number combinations and their odds. You’ll then bet on your preferred variety before the dealer rolls the dice. If your guess is correct, you’ll receive a payout according to the combination’s odds.   


Craps are also easy to find in many reliable online casinos, but many players avoid playing Craps due to their complex nature. Learning Craps takes some time, so new players who played for the first time might be unsure how to enjoy the game properly.  

You’ll play Craps with two dice. Then, you must bet on which numbers the dice will land on. When you make correct guesses, you’ll receive a payout. There are many variations to Craps, and some of them use cards instead of dice.  

Casino War

Casino War is a twist on the classic War card game that’s simple yet thrilling. If you haven’t heard about it, Casino War is a game where you and your opponent (the dealer) will receive one card at the start of the game. You’ll win if your card has a higher value than the dealer’s. You’ll lose your bet if the dealer’s card is higher.  

The War element comes when your and the dealer’s cards have the same value. You’ll receive two choices: surrender by losing half of your bet or draw another card by doubling your bet.  


If you’re a fan of lotteries, Keno might be your cup of tea. Keno has several similarities to Bingo as the game involves numbers, and players must match the numbers drawn throughout the game.  

The twist is you’d have to take complete control of which numbers you’d like to bet on. At the beginning of the game, you’ll choose how many numbers and how much you’d like to wager. When your chosen numbers are called, you’ll win the payout. The more numbers you bet at the beginning of the game, the higher the payout can be.  

Three-Card Baccarat

Most casino players are familiar with baccarat, but the game has many variations, and some are less popular than others. One of the more obscure versions of baccarat is Three-Card Baccarat, which offers a different approach to the classic gameplay.  

In Three-Card Baccarat, you’ll receive three cards instead of two. The goal remains the same: you’ll win when your hand is close to nine. With the additional card, Three-Card Baccarat allows players to make new strategies, and they wouldn’t be able to treat Three-Card Baccarat like they do the classic. Although more complex, Three-Card Baccarat progresses faster than the classic versions.  


Fan-Tan is another casino game deeply rooted in Chinese game history. The rules are simple, but the gameplay can be very engaging. Although still lesser known than other games, Fan-Tan has started receiving more attention, so you’ll find it available in many online casinos.  

Each developer tends to present Fan-Tan with a unique twist, but the common goal is to guess the number of the remaining beads. The dealer will start the game by putting a random number of beads on a cup. You’ll place the bets after the beads are in the cup and guess the number of remaining beads after the dealer splits the beads into four groups.  

Discovering Hidden Gems 

Casino games have been evolving, and developers are innovatively releasing new variations of the classic versions. Discovering these underrated games might be a thrilling experience for many, especially for players who are tired of their go-to games. Although they’re less known, these games have a distinctive charm that isn’t less exciting than the classic games! 

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