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7 Blockchain Games To Look Out For in 2021

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Jul 9, 2021
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It seems like there is no end to the applications of blockchain technology. From cryptocurrencies to NFTs, blockchain has finally put its feet on the gaming industry. 

Blockchain games are the new phenomenon that gives tangible value to in-game economies, and many people specifically play them to earn money. To ensure you have a good experience with blockchain games, this list will include the most notable names in the business.


Welcome to the Sims City of blockchain gaming. Decentraland is an open-world game containing around 90,000 plots of lands. Owners can customize the area to their liking with anything one can imagine: trees, animals, houses, humans, casinos…

The governance of the game will be decided by those who hold MANA — the native currency of the game. This means if developers come up with an unsatisfactory update, the collective users can vote against it.

The most expensive piece of land ever sold in the game accounted for nearly $1 million. Many inventive creations have been built on these lands, including virtual casinos where people can gamble with cryptocurrencies.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is another blockchain game that takes inspiration from classic video games. In this case, it is Minecraft. Everything in The Sandbox consists of blocks, yet if you have played Minecraft you would know how massive and elaborate the creations in these games can be.

What differs this game from Minecraft is that you can turn your creations into NFTs. In turn, you can sell these NFTs on the marketplace. Similar to Decentraland, The Sandbox also has a native currency and lands to sell and buy. In addition, you can make mini games to play with friends.

Crusaders Dynasty

Crusader Dynasty is one of those blockchain games that only applies blockchain into the in-game asset economy. As a result, it’s not as decentralized as pure blockchain games but instead, Crusader Dynasty’s gameplay can be much more ambitious.

This game is a battle royale game with a medieval theme where players do whatever they can (mostly killing other players) to be the last survivors. PvE elements like demons and animals are also present. But of course, the main attraction is still the Phantasma Blockchain that enables true ownership of in-game items as NFTs.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the leading name for play-to-earn games, partly for its Pokemon-inspired aesthetics, mainly for its ability to provide many players with a solid income. But to successfully earn money through the game, you will need to dedicate time to it as well as a hefty initial investment for buying 3 Axies (around 0.04 ETH for each).

Axie Infinity’s core attraction comes down to Small Love Potions (SLPs), breeding Axies and AXS. Players collect SLPs, which can be sold or used for breeding, through missions and battles. New Axies once bred can also be put on the marketplace for real money. Finally, AXS is the official currency of the game, which grants AXS holders voting power and can be bought on Binance, Uniswap…


Our next contender for the most addictive blockchain games comes in the form of a card building game. Much like Hearthstone, players build their own deck and bring it out to battle others.

However, not only do each card can be traded and sold for real world currency, all the game interactions are recorded on the blockchain. This will please many card-building game fans as it enables transparency and fairness like none other before. And don’t worry, Splinterlands won’t create traffic jams on the Ethereum blockchain because it actually uses a Delegated Proof of Stake system that can handle a heavy volume of transactions.

22 Racing Series

Even famous blockchain games like CryptoKitties turn many gamers off because they are too simple and plain-looking. But this is where 22 Racing Series shine: a blockchain game that offers exhilarating graphics and fast-paced, dynamic gameplay.

22 Racing Series incorporates a brand new game mechanics which is called ‘realistic physics simulation’. This technology is used to continuously alter the nature of the racing track, challenging players to adapt their strategies to keep up. As per usual, you will own all of your vehicle parts, skins and other assets as NFTs.

Neon District

Neon District checks a box that no other games on this list does: it’s a role-playing game. Here, players can become underground crime syndicates navigating their way through Unity — a city with only 2 sides: the beautiful utopia of the rich and the dark, cold alleys of the poor.

You can collect items and characters on your journey and sell them on Rarible, OpenSea… Neon District will be released in seasons, each new one offering new secrets and dramas about this hyper-futuristic world as well as new game modes and mechanics.

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